ungrateful nation with a bad attitude

  sunnystaines 18:48 05 Feb 2012


Why are we giving this lot aid in the first place with an attidude like this, if they can afford multi million jet fighters they do not need aid.

I think our Govt should cancell this aid now. whats your opinion.

  lotvic 19:20 05 Feb 2012

Their timing is impeccable...

proposed “not to avail [of] any further DFID [British] assistance with effect from 1st April 2011,”

  sunnystaines 19:38 05 Feb 2012

fourm member

do not see why we should bail out their poor, just because they cannot be bothered.

we have enough problems here without wasting money in rich nations

  interzone55 20:02 05 Feb 2012


do not see why we should bail out their poor, just because they cannot be bothered

I suggest you pay a visit to some of the slums in India and see just what poor means - they "can't be bothered" because the daily struggle to survive is so big a task that overthrowing the establishment slips way down the to do list.

And yes I have been there, one time I visited a slum in Mumbai that was ankle deep in raw sewage after the drains had been swamped by the heavy rains.

Next time I go I'll make sure to tell them that because they're ungrateful swine we're withdrawing our international aid...

  sunnystaines 20:26 05 Feb 2012


it is a pity the U.N. cannot put pressure on india to sort out this dreadful state of the slums. its an attitude if we ignore them another country will chip in and pay for it.

brazil is sorting out its slums india needs to follow suit.

  Al94 20:35 05 Feb 2012

I would have no problem with the aid continuing provided it was directly benefiting those in dire need. The report suggests that financial governance is sadly lacking in India which would not surprise me. Often the worst sort of aid is cash which gets misappropriated in so many countries so rather than an emotive response, maybe it is past time that the method of aid is revisited.

  daz60 20:40 05 Feb 2012

So India expresses a modicum of independence by shopping elsewhere for their armaments and English media start throwing stones.

Why pay for an overly expensive deterrent when if you shop around in the global marketplace you could get a similiar or better deal elsewhere.

Crikey,this country gives aid to oil rich countries so this minuscule fiscal 'investment' is merely a sop to the long held patrimonial status this country has towards it's old colonies.

I may get castigated for this but they are in the Commonwealth so i do think that they are recipients of aid irrespective of other situations.

  Woolwell 20:57 05 Feb 2012

For those who consider that aid should be stopped to India have an internet search about the Dalits, the untouchables.

  interzone55 21:03 05 Feb 2012


brazil is sorting out its slums india needs to follow suit.

Brazil is sorting it's slums because it has to, or it loses the World Cup.

It is sorting it's slums by sending in the army, then demolishing them - there is very little consideration for where the slum dwellers will live afterwards.

  lotvic 21:24 05 Feb 2012

I did not realise the extent of the plight of India's Dalits. I have just read the article in National Geographic Shocking.

  finerty 02:47 06 Feb 2012

simple stop the aid then let India's choo choo train structure pay for its own aid. They make a lot of money running their own trains business.

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