Unfortunately, I have to report ....

  Jackcoms 16:12 06 Apr 2007

that in my neck of the woods (Sussex) the annoying sounds and smells of summer have started:

Babies crying as they're left to fry in their prams in the garden

kids screaming as they 'play' outside

Lawn mowers buzzing

Teenagers inflicting their 'music' on everyone as they drive around with the sound up high and all the car windows open

The stink of sausages being cremated as barbecues are brought out of storage.

Bring back winter.

Bah, humbug.

  anskyber 16:27 06 Apr 2007

Here in Cumbria I have been guilty today of,

Lawn mowers buzzing (+ petrol strimmer)
The stink of sausages being cremated as barbecues are brought out of storage.

  TOPCAT® 16:30 06 Apr 2007

woods alright, Jackcoms!

I must say it's a pleasure to be doing things outdoors again. All that fresh air coursing through the old lungs and the sun's warmth on the back will do us all a world of good.

No sign of any 'cremations' yet, around these parts, or any ear-splitting wails from loudspeakers. Mind you, I've got the waterfall splashing into my pond and the fountain display running too, so this tends to muffle any obnoxious sounds when it's switched on.

Enjoy this weather while it lasts, I say. TC.

  Bingalau 16:37 06 Apr 2007

I have, over the past six months had three minor operations to remove "Rodent Ulcers" from my face and head area. These are the result of too much time spent in the sun. So can I take this opportunity of warning all you young people out there to always wear a hat. Do not overdo the sun time. Slap on the protective creams. My time in the sun was many years ago and has come back to haunt me. I think the way youngsters go out of their way to get sun time in is going to have a big backlash in the future. Hope the NHS is gearing up for the prospect.

  Forum Editor 17:27 06 Apr 2007

so be ready for the stink of venison steaks and Porkinsons Bangers in the Chichester harbour vicinity.

  drbeeching 17:31 06 Apr 2007

I was in Sussex earlier today went to a nice pub & had a bbq with friends near Uckfield. Jackcoms would have invited you, if not just to pee you off more!

What part East or West are you in?

  Jackcoms 17:48 06 Apr 2007

Can somebody please explain to me what exactly is the attraction of consuming food in the open air which has, usually, been burnt to a cinder by someone who probably wouldn't normally consider cooking food.

Is it, perhaps, something to do with wearing a colourful pinafore and looking like a plonker?

Do indoor electric/gas ovens mysteriously break down in summer?

I'm aware that this (barbecue) pastime is popular in Australia, for example - but they don't know any better.

  anskyber 17:53 06 Apr 2007

It's the taste. The charcoal (nothing else will do) gives the food a wonderful taste and being outside after a long winter is fantastic.

The food may look cremated but if it is done properly the food will be cooked...perfectly, in spite of appearances.

I tend to do fillet steak as the main meat course, I know when it is done, my wine glass needs refilling.

  pj123 18:02 06 Apr 2007

Can't see the point in standing over some bits of charcoal (most of the day) trying to burn steak, chicken, beefburgers, sausages etc. Takes all day.

My Microwave does it in 30 seconds.

  TOPCAT® 18:27 06 Apr 2007

What time does the train leave for Cumbria, anskyber? I'll bring the wine! :o) TC.

  Jackcoms 18:34 06 Apr 2007

West Sussex - but, luckily, not near to Chichester Harbour. ;-))

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