Uneaten Porridge Costs £170,000 in 2 Hospitals

  Taff™ 14:03 03 Apr 2011

click here Two hospitals have calculated that uneaten porridge is costing them £170,000. As a result it has been axed from the menu.

Now forgive my basic mathematics but both hospitals combined appear to have 608 beds. Assuming 100% occupancy at every breakfast and everybody being "Force Fed" porridge for a year that would cost 77p per portion.

Now lets guess "the small number of patients who require it" at 1 in 10. And every one of them sent it back, that puts the cost per portion at a whopping £7.66. I bet the budget for feeding a patient breakfast is nowhere near this amount.

Do these figures stack up or have I missed something?

  Chris the Ancient 15:02 03 Apr 2011

Have the calculated costs had preparation, keeping warm, distribution, serving, cleaning up costs included?

  oresome 15:17 03 Apr 2011


The expense may come from disposing of the uneaten porridge.

First, it's to be chipped out of the dishes which is both time consuming and hazardous, requiring a risk assessment, hard hat, goggle etc.

Then there's the disposal. As hazardous waste it will have to be put in containers and treated by a specialist company prior to going in landfill.

Add on the landfill taxes etc and £170k seems a bargain.

With a bit of lateral thinking, haven't we a lot of frost damaged roads with potholes that require filling?

  uk-wizard 15:34 03 Apr 2011

No, no, a thousand times no -- it would get confused with the white lines, drivers would think its a mini roundabout. Second thoughts, they just drive over mini roundabouts - so that'll be OK then.

  Taff™ 16:17 03 Apr 2011

Chris the Ancient - They must, but most of these are fixed costs and not actually saved by axing porridge from the menu.

Oresome - You forgot about the 2 Management Consultants(One per hospital) that have to weigh it back in every day and report the exact quantity by e-mail to a manager. (Two "specialists" being paid more than frontline nursing staff no doubt!)That would leave at least £50K missing from my equation.

  timsmith259 18:54 03 Apr 2011

Could of offered it to staff but as it goes there's probably a Scrooge policy in place

  timsmith259 18:56 03 Apr 2011

oresome you've come up with solution to the potholes use the porridge the hospitals sell it to these highway maintenance companies. Might work

  Aitchbee 22:59 03 Apr 2011

When I was about to leave hospital after a two day spell I was asked on the second morning what I would like for evening meal. I told the nurse I was leaving 12.00 noon and would not be in the hospital for supper. She told me "just order up something anyway to keep everything right."
I wonder what happened to my chicken curry and apple crumble?

  Taff™ 07:22 04 Apr 2011

"So when I explained to the catering assistant that I hadn`t been admitted until one o`clock and hadn`t ordered an evening meal I was pleasantly surprised when she offered me chicken curry and apple crumble ......"

  carver 07:27 04 Apr 2011

Transporting this stuff to the hospitals is expensive, a typical vehicle such as this click here is not cheap to run.

It may not be any good for filling potholes but I bet it would make a very good anti-skid surface.

  Quickbeam 08:27 04 Apr 2011

Couldn't they just pass it onto the zoo to feed the bears?

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