The Undeserving Rich

  zzzz999 08:09 11 Oct 2010

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Ken Loach offers an alternative view and drubs Hesseltine on Newsnight

  michaelw 09:20 11 Oct 2010

My analisis is we need people like Ken Loach to fight the corner of the ordinary people, but we don't need people like Tarzan, who in their ultimate arrogance believe clobbering the poorer factions of society is okay, but let's leave the rich to get richer.

  morddwyd 17:38 11 Oct 2010

Didn't Ken Loach used to be in Coronation Street, though he doesn't much look like the bloke I remember?

I haven't watched it for about thirty years, so he will have changed a bit I suppose.

  egapup 18:58 11 Oct 2010

"To those that have, it shall be given. To those that have not, it shall be taken away".
God help us now the Tories are in power.

  morddwyd 19:40 11 Oct 2010

"Have the LibDems all died?"

To all intents and purposes, yes!

  john 52 20:15 11 Oct 2010

Thank you fourm member for your usual entertaining posts !
I see you are still trying to turn every post into a political attack on the Labour party .
I have a theory that you are in fact a left wing Labour supporter and by your comments you are trying to turn members of the forum into Labour party supporters I must ask you to stop it is not fair to loyal Conservatives supporting members of the forum .

  egapup 20:19 11 Oct 2010

"Oh my goodness? Have the LibDems all died?"
Are they there then????

  john 52 21:16 11 Oct 2010

fourm member yes I did watch it ! did you watch panorama :-)

  Forum Editor 00:39 12 Oct 2010

should know far better than to invite someone like Ken Loach to debate with Michael Heseltine - Loach's comment that it was the Tories' fault that we currently have over 2 million unemployed was priceless, and simply served to reveal a) his inability to accept the facts and b) his all-consuming prejudices.

He's a great film-maker,and has been a Labour Party supporter for a very long time.It's a pity that he can't come up with a better argument than the one he voiced in the Paxman clip - that the rich should bear the whole cost of pulling the country out of its economic plight.

  michaelw 09:33 12 Oct 2010

...It's indicative of the trouble the left has been in through the summer that the only person Newsnight can find to discuss how to help the poor is someone who has made a huge amount of money without ever doing a proper day's work...

That comment is priceless. And what, may I ask, is your considered opinion on what constitutes a proper day's work? Is it sitting in the house of commons making childish noises. Or sitting in front of a keyboard all day tapping away?

...As I said on a recent thread, you can't expect someone who lives a fantasy life to be an expert on the real world and there is no reason to give their views greater credence just because their phone number is on some researcher's speed dial....

I can see you've done a great deal of work researching Loach's life. I suppose being a film producer/director means they all life fantasy lives in that industry, from the moment they wake up till they go to bed they're not living in the real world. Either that or you're a great mind reader. In which case you could start up a stage act and do a decent and proper day's work.

  john 52 13:22 12 Oct 2010

fourm member

I call hugely stressful not having any money to buy food for your family or not being able to pay your bills when they come in( that is real stress)! People make there own decisions on whether to enter public service it is well known that some people do it to promote there own interests.
Maybe you do not know the difference between a dilettante capitalist and a person who is trying to use influence to further his aims

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