Under-fire Speaker to step down

  peter99co 11:12 19 May 2009
  peter99co 11:38 19 May 2009

Mr Martin said he was "profoundly sorry" for his part in events but did not give any indication - or timescale for any plans to stand down.

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  Picklefactory 11:55 19 May 2009

I think he deserves to go, but I hope he isn't just a scapegoat and simply a big scalp to attempt to pacify the mob, thus deflecting blame from others who are equally or even more guilty of abusing the system.

  anchor 13:10 19 May 2009

Of course he did not want to resign now. By doing so he would lose the £100,000 golden handshake he would receive if he waited until the next election.

I feel he is not just a scapegoat, as he led the legal challenge to keep the facts secret. This alone was expected to cost £100,000. Surely the Speaker should set an example.

  JanetO 13:48 19 May 2009

Bring back Betty.

  peter99co 14:35 19 May 2009

To Step down 21 June

  Kaacee 14:37 19 May 2009


  peter99co 14:58 19 May 2009

Waste of money I.M.O

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  oresome 15:25 19 May 2009

Now we're on a roll, how many more should go?

  Picklefactory 09:42 20 May 2009

I think quite a few will be sweating, and rightly so.

I'm extremely pleased that there is such a furore at the moment, and that an opportunity has arisen to try and shake Parliament into the 21st century. I'm all for a bit of pomp and ceremony, within reason, but I feel there is far too much archaic practices and traditions in the Commons, that affect and detract from efficient and quality government.

I know we have all been seriously ripped off by all of this, but if they can actually manage to take something positive from it, and improve the structure of how things are done, then I would at least feel there was some value to this fiasco. More importantly, if the message actually gets through their underwear, to where their heads seem to be permanently stationed, and they realise just how the British public ACTUALLY perceive them, maybe they'll wake up a bit and perform better.

That is what I would hope, however, realistically I'm not so sure.

  Picklefactory 13:18 21 May 2009

True, I'm hoping for the impossible, some simple, plain, common sense from those who seem incapable of it.

I often wonder if there is such a condition as 'over educated'? They seem so embroiled in the petty traditions and etiquette of life at Parliament, they seem incapable of actually achieving much of any real value without interminable squabbling like children.

I've actually taken to watching some of the live TV from Westminster recently, I would be extremely embarrassed to be seen to behave as these buffoons do.

Asses, and many of them. And certainly on a totally different planet to anyone I know in my world.

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