Under the counter fags...

  Quickbeam 09:53 24 Mar 2008

click here A week tomorrow, speakeasies are to be reintroduced :)

  Forum Editor 09:57 24 Mar 2008

If you want to buy cigarettes you'll just ask for them, otherwise you won't see them. Not a big deal, really.

  birdface 10:18 24 Mar 2008

Its fine as long as they do the same with Alcoholic drinks.One is as bad as the other.

  Bingalau 10:22 24 Mar 2008

There are also those supposedly adult magazines on the top shelf. Best place for them is under the counter too.

Reminds me of the wartime years when all the good stuff was saved for friends and regular customers under the counter. Anybody else remember those halcyon days?

  Forum Editor 10:27 24 Mar 2008

halcyon days?

I don't think so. People who look back fondly to the 39/45 war years are forgetting the horror and sheer drudgery of it all.

  Bingalau 10:32 24 Mar 2008

FE. Sorry. That was supposed to be tongue in cheek. My sense of humour needs an overhaul.

  Forum Editor 10:42 24 Mar 2008

No need for 'Sorry', I wasn't having a go at you, I know you didn't mean it that way.

  egapup 10:47 24 Mar 2008

What next????? black market burgers? alcohol free pubs? nobody allowed to drive more then five miles a week?

  Forum Editor 10:55 24 Mar 2008

So, you're in favour of ignoring the mountain of evidence that plainly tells us cigarette smoking causes numerous illnesses and kills hundreds of thousands of people a year, are you?

Just forget about the millions that it costs the rest of us to look after smokers via the NHS?

Alcohol does just as much damage - probably more - so let's ignore that problem as well.

It's about time you stopped knee-jerking each time something like this is posted, and started thinking about the facts, rather than constantly demonstrating the size of the prejudice chip on your shoulder.

  spuds 11:00 24 Mar 2008

I wonder if we are heading back to the nod nod wink wink society days.

I wonder how this idea will effect duty free shops at airports and on ferries etc. Perhaps the days of the roll-up is not finished and even might increase!.

  Al94 11:27 24 Mar 2008

I'm with egapup on this one, where will it all end?

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