Under-16 jobs in computing

  Zopah 20:08 05 Dec 2007

Hi all,
Recently went job-hunting - (15 and finding that computer upgrades are slightly more expensive than first thought) - and my local area seems to not have *anything* in office work or just general work with computers. Probably due to a 'teenagers can't be trusted with things' thought in the local area (wouldn't be surprised, if you saw the majority of our school's population, you'd automatically assume the same) or I'm just being cynical and looking in the wrong places.
I suppose this topic is meant to be a "Do you know where to find a part-time job in computing?"-style topic.
Thanks for any constructive responses other than "Go stack some shelves" - seriously, I've heard it before.

  Jak_1 20:58 05 Dec 2007

I think your main problem here will be lack of any qualifications for IT work. It is the same for everyone not just a 15 year old, also they want people,to be able to work weekdays when you would be at school. Most offices will use agencies for any temp work. Sorry to put a downer on things but unfortunately that's the way things are at present. Hope you do find a job of some kind so you can get your pc upgrades though.

  Totally-braindead 21:08 05 Dec 2007

I'm afraid Jak_1 has touched on what may be the main stumbling block. Perhaps you know a great deal, perhaps you can do a great deal of the work already but no employer is going to just take your word on this, they will want to see your qualifications and if you don't have any they will not even look at you.
Sorry but I cannot see any firm taking on a 15 year old who has no qualifications.

  lotvic 21:10 05 Dec 2007

Methinks you have the wrong idea about computers and work.

You might do better to look at, and apply for, the type of job (hotel, solicitors, shop, estate agency, etc)

Computers and the programs (Word, Excel etc) are only the tools you use to help you carry out the job.

In the same way that a pen is the tool you use to write.

There are many different types of Office Work and most, if not all, require some pc skills (and the ability to write with a pen!)

I think you need to look beyond the 'computing' part.

I wish you well in your search for a part-time job

  Earthsea 23:04 05 Dec 2007

Why are you only looking for computer related jobs? That's very restricting if all you want to do is earn money. Do anything you can do.

There, I avoided saying "Go stack some shelves"!

  Phil78 01:14 06 Dec 2007

A small but very bright light bulb has just been switched on. My thought is that its is about time that IT companies and ISP's started investing in Teenagers, schools and NVQ based training for youngsters, these kids are our future, they have a far larger initial understanding of technology then there elders. There are plentty of adverts advertising training programs at a cost, which is fine if your already working. I am amazed at the knowledge that my 10 year old daughter already has, she is at the level I was taking GCSE IT at the age of 16. I have spoken to support staff that can not help me time and time again (another story). Youngsters that I have spoken to on line have been more helpful.Why pay an adult with less aptitude more money, when they could give these kid a chance on a starting wage with full training and have staff who thrive on a challange and can absorb masses of knowledge.

The fact is that children these days have the head start on us, the ITC suite at my kids school is amazing. My five year old can surf the web, use word. DTP and asks how everything works constantly.

I give the lad credit for wanting to work, they are not all as willing. THE CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE!!!!

  Koochy 15:06 06 Dec 2007

The trouble with employers today is they all want experience but they aren't willing to give a person a job to get the experience it's the old catch 22 and before long all the experienced people will be of retiring age and where will that leave the companies then?
I respect Zopah a great deal for the fact s/he is willing to go and work to get what s/he wants rather than just mugging an old granny to get the money.
Well done Zopah for wanting to do something with your life and i really do wish you all the best with the job hunting.

I was of the understanding that to get a proper, taxable job (be it part time or full time), you had to be at least 16 and have left secondary school and so would have a national insurance number.

I may be wrong but I think you are restricted to paper rounds etc.

  Jak_1 15:51 06 Dec 2007

Yep, you are right. The law also states that between the ages of 13 - 15 that they can only work a limited number of hours ans the type of jobs they can do are restricted under both employment law and health and safety.
My local newsagent has great dificulty in getting girls and boys for the paper rounds because they don't want to get up early on non school days to deliver papers and because they can earn more as an ad hoc shop assistant on a Saturday or a Sunday.

  rossgolf 19:04 06 Dec 2007

im 14 and id love to work with computer
i mean i want money and i dnt mind working for it especially if it is to do wid comps becuase i no some on will tell me other wise...it wudnt be like working a hobbie.... lol :-)

  Quickbeam 19:11 06 Dec 2007

My grammar is far from perfect, but I think you'll have to improve some to work in any kind of communications work :)

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