umop apisdn w,i aw dlaH

  Seth Haniel 13:43 06 Apr 2011

click here

my two favourite combined :)

  lotvic 14:04 06 Apr 2011

Stop standing on your head Seth, you can't tell your 'a's from your 'e'd

  lotvic 15:20 06 Apr 2011

It looks yummy, but am a bit worried about the date Friday 1 April 2011

  lucky1 17:40 06 Apr 2011

You've just made me very hungry fourm member!

  Seth Haniel 19:05 06 Apr 2011

Do you want Raspberry on it or Tomato Sauce :)

  lucky1 21:10 06 Apr 2011

Think I'll go for raspberry, thanks Seth!

  Kevscar1 06:32 07 Apr 2011

Think I'll wait for Tikka Marsala Icecream

  anchor 10:13 07 Apr 2011

Whilst touring California a few years ago, I visited the town of Gilroy. They have an annual Garlic festival, in which Garlic Ice Cream is a feature. No, I did not try it.

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I recall reading recently that Heston Blumenthal at his "Fat Duck" restaurant was serving Bacon & Egg ice cream. This alongside his snail porridge.

  Toneman 19:11 07 Apr 2011

Just wasted ten minutes trying to make sense of the heading, a bit like the chap who went to the doctor complaining his nose was running and his feet smelt...

  Seth Haniel 22:14 07 Apr 2011

" ten minutes "

bit slow on the uptake then :)

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