The ultimate cheap method to clean a TFT Screen

  freaky 16:01 26 Jul 2006

Probably like me, you have tried different methods to clean your TFT screen - with varying degrees of success !

The following method is extremely successful and will cause no damage or scratch marks: -

Visit an Optician and purchase the following: -

a)Bottle of alcohol free lens spray. A 29.5 ml cost me £1.25

b)A couple of washable multi-purpose micro-fibre lense cleaning cloths. The one's I got were made by Pentax and measured 195mm square.


c)Turn the monitor off and let it completely cool down - otherwise the lense spray will evaporate on contact with the screen !

d)Lightly spray the screen, then gently spread the liquid using the lense cloth.

e)Gently wipe the screen with a dry lense cloth.

f)Repeat this procedure until the screen is completely clean.

In the past I have tried using a damp soft cloth, non-alcohol impregnated screen wipes etc.

The above method is excellent, the lense cleaning cloth can be washed and re-used countless times - and the spray is very cheap.

  spuds 16:53 26 Jul 2006

Some people suggest unfragranced baby wipes, but personally, I have never used anything other than a lint free handkerchief, on very rare occasions.

  ade.h 17:16 26 Jul 2006

I use that method, although I spray the cloth rather than the screen. It works very well.

  freaky 18:40 26 Jul 2006

Pity you did not mention this before - you would have saves me a lot of typing !

Glad you endorse it though.

  PurplePenny 19:17 26 Jul 2006

At work they supplied us with phone wipes for TFT cleaning. I did question whether they were really suitable and was told that they are better than the specialist products (for which read "cheaper").

I used one... it left nasty streaks all over the screen which seem to be permanent.

  Al94 19:32 26 Jul 2006

I have always used Windowlene original non smear spray on a soft cloth with perfect results.

  ade.h 20:04 26 Jul 2006

LOL. I never thought to mention it to be honest. I only thought of using lens cleaner when I had a tough mark and nothing else available. Tried it carefully and was pleased to find that it worked well.

  freaky 20:21 26 Jul 2006

Last year I bought a tub containing 100 Screen Wipes marked ideal for TFT,LCD,Plasma and laptop screens from PCW. They left bad streaks which would not come off. Fortunately they have now disappeared using the method I have suggested.

  Input Overload 20:23 26 Jul 2006

I bought a large spray bottle of TFT cleaner from Aldi which I spray on a cloth, it seems to work well, there is enough to last about a hundred years.

  freaky 20:57 26 Jul 2006

The only problem with using a cloth, is it will scratch the screen. This may not be noticeable initialy, but will show in the long term.

This is due to the soft material used in the construction of TFT and Plasma screens.

If you use a micro-fibre cloth then it will not scratch because they are designed to clean glass and plastic lenses.

Once the surface of a screen becomes scratched, then it will hold dirt. This makes it very difficult to clean and the problem is progressive over time.

Most spectacle lenses are plastic, but they are coated with a scratch resistant coating. If you use a cloth to clean them, then after a period of time it rubs away and scratches appear. This problem is obviated by using micro-fibre cloth !

  WhiteTruckMan 21:21 26 Jul 2006

good idea, but you forgot to specify a CLEAN one
(dont ask.....)


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