UK youths 'among worst in Europe'

  ajm 09:10 02 Nov 2006
  anchor 10:14 02 Nov 2006

No surprise to me.

I heard on the radio today that an ASBO is like a "badge of honour" to those tear-aways.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:21 02 Nov 2006

Ethics, Morals and Manners appear to be words that most teenagers do not understand.

Would love to see them as part of the school curriculum.

Kids haven't changed society has.
What appears to be lacking is the right kind of guidence to coexist with the older generations, and that must be our fault.

Kids v Adults is not the only area where we are failing, as many adults cannot interact senisbly with each other, Race and Religion spring to mind but that is probably going outiside forum rules to discuss those topics
When humans learn to get along then the world will be a much happier and peaceful place.

  donki 11:54 02 Nov 2006

Its blatantly obvious why kids are doing wot they are doing. Im 25 so not so long ago that I was doing things i wasnt supposed to be. But i knew the limits! I was affraid of the police, and what my parents would do if they ever had to bring me home?? The government need to harden up, ASBOS are nothing anyone is affraid of. Kids arent stupid they see the chances of going to jail or juvy is small, they see the papers stating the short prison sentences. And although the media seem try and publish the news, they somewot glorify the "HOODIES".

Throw the kids in a cell for a day or two, id say they will be crying for Mummy soon enough.

  johndrew 12:07 02 Nov 2006

`Ethics, Morals and Manners appear to be words that most teenagers do not understand.
Would love to see them as part of the school curriculum.`

Why school curriculum, why not have them taught at home as they used to be?

From a very young age children were once taught, by parents, grandparents and other relations, that it was wrong to steal, lie, bully and abuse their elders (among other things), this appears to have gone by the board in society today. Could it be the `60s culture or policy attitudes? I have no idea. But I do know that unless it is reversed this country is not going to be worth a jot.

  donki 13:39 02 Nov 2006

I agree with John, Y should our schools have the responsibility to teach childern what parents should do? The teachers are the ones getting the most abuse daily from them.

I belive its a srious problem, and dont belive its a minority of teenagers either. Like i said before was only 8 years ago I was in the good old class room and i remmeber there used to be 1 or 2 that would be the trouble makers. My friend is a teacher and she says its awful the verbal abuse she takes for up to half a class?

I head the torys sugesting a national service type of venture, obviously a little less harsh. I belive that sending trouble makers to a project such as this would sort them. Anyone seen bad lads army?? So called hard boys shown for the insecure people they are.

But there only kids I hear people say?? When someone is carrying a knife or other weapon i say they lose that umbrella of protection. They need to learn that they have to take responsibilty for there actions.

Id say the government will do little in light of the report, as they have done with other reports and continue to bury thier heads in the sand.

  hijo 13:48 02 Nov 2006

heres my locaL here

& as if that wasnt bad enough

click here

yep i think its outa control EVERYWHERE

  Kate A 13:48 02 Nov 2006

Let's not forget that they're not all bad: click here

  donki 13:58 02 Nov 2006

I dont think there all bad, but its time to stop thinking its just a small problem or the minority. The problem is getting out of control. Maybe the good kids dont get the praise they deserve?? But then again should people not be a decent person without the need for praise?

From the first Article its good that they got prison time, but after reaing that its obvious to me that there is something wrong with them and that they need help? And id bet any money they wont serve the 3 years.

  hijo 14:47 02 Nov 2006

totaly agree with you m8 it is respectfully true there not all bad that would be silly of anyone to think that HOWEVER like donki just said "its time to stop thinking its just a small problem or the minority" goverments have/are ignoring this point regardless of this lame ASBO that realy isnt much of a issue to stop kids re-offending,iam very much all for the term "vigilante" ive been there when kids have set fire to a school its not nice,ive also witnessed 60yr old woman getting her handbag robbed off her,so for anyone that belives its under control please wake up,

  donki 16:21 02 Nov 2006

And if people do take actions into there own hands they end up being prsacuted for assulting a minor? and on the other hand could end up seriously injured or dead? Its becoming more and more comman.

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