UK set to take in 'hundreds' of Syrian refugees

  Flak999 11:58 29 Jan 2014

The deputy prime minister has this morning announced that the UK is to accept 'hundreds' of Syrian refugees. Should we accept these refugees when other countries in the region are refusing to accept any?

My view is that we should not accept any refugees from Syria or anywhere else for that matter. The civil war in Syria is nothing to do with us it is just another basket case Arab country doing what they do best, which is kill each other and anybody else who gets in their way.

We have successfully avoided becoming involved militarily and we should stay well away from this conflict, let their Arab 'brothers' help them out if they need refuge, Saudi Arabia is a fabulously wealthy country and I believe it is incumbent on fellow muslims to help out their brothers in time of need.

Time for the rest of the middle east to step up to the plate instead of us in the west!

  spuds 13:25 29 Jan 2014

This is another one of those incidents, which world powers could have prevented or intervened at the right moment to stop the ongoing problems, but haven't chosen to do so. My faith in the United Nations is yet again restored, I think not!.

The UK government have been differing about the situation for ages now, and letting 'selected' refugees into this country will solve very little, except cause more concern for those already living on this small island.

  fourm member 13:29 29 Jan 2014

You can see why Nigel Farage was so critical of Ukip supporters the other day.

  Algerian peter ™ 13:55 29 Jan 2014

Would not expect any thing less from you Flak999.

  Forum Editor 15:39 29 Jan 2014

"....let their Arab 'brothers' help them out if they need refuge, Saudi Arabia is a fabulously wealthy country and I believe it is incumbent on fellow muslims to help out their brothers in time of need."

That statement simply highlights the fact that you haven't much of a clue about the Syrian population. There are lots of Christians there, and many other ethnic and religious minorities, including around half a million Palestinian refugees, and 1.5 million refugees from Iraq.

Your prejudice - much of it based on ignorance of the facts, is legendary in this forum, and this thread is yet another instance of how you really don't have any understanding about much of what goes on in the world.

Our country's willingness to help people from other countries who have endured appalling hardship, violence and religious and ethnic persecution is one of the things that makes me proud to be British.

You, on the other hand, and people like you, are one of the things that make me ashamed. Your attitude is an absolute disgrace, but no doubt you'll make your usual attempt to justify the unjustifiable.

  fourm member 16:26 29 Jan 2014


Syria is one of those countries I haven't been fortunate enough to visit so my knowledge of it is third hand.

I do remember that when Top Gear did a special that took in Syria the presenters were very impressed by what they saw and experienced. That makes what's been happening even more of a shame.

As for hospitality, I heard a report the other day saying that people near the Turkish border with Syria are taking refugees into their own homes as far as possible and not just leaving them in crowded camps.

  Forum Editor 16:29 29 Jan 2014


Excellent stuff.

Let me confirm that Flak999's post was no brilliant spoof; it accurately sums up his attitude.

  Flak999 16:41 29 Jan 2014

Oh dear, another hornets nest stirred up! Never mind, better to talk about something interesting for a change surely?

I wondered how long it would be before all the usual 'bleeding hearts' rallied to the call to arms. Still notwithstanding the righteous indignation from the usual suspects how about addressing my point regarding the other Arab countries?

What about Saudi, UAE, Jordan et al? How many of these refugees are they going to take? Why, are we going to make a token gesture and take what 500, 1000? Where are we going to put them? In the nonexistant council houses which already have a waiting list as long as your arm?

More strain on our already overburdened benefits system and NHS, still doesn't matter does it, good old UK will pick up the tab same as we do for everything else!

To be frank I don't care where they go, just so long as it's not here!

  spuds 16:49 29 Jan 2014

For those that know little about present day Syria, then perhaps a playback from Channel 4 Dispatches program 'Children on the Frontline' that was shown last Wednesday (22/01/2014) might bring some reality and understanding to this post?.

  spuds 16:59 29 Jan 2014


I wonder how many times I have heard "the only one who'd had the decency to learn any English",

yet the very people stating this, never had the decency to learn part or any of the language of the country or countries that they had perhaps made long term plans to visit?.

Fortunately on my travelling experiences, I always took steps to learn a little before I visited the countries that I did. But I suppose, English being an International language most people assume that everything will be fine!.

  fourm member 18:28 29 Jan 2014

Flka999 can take comfort from knowing that he is not the most odious commenter on this topic. The BBC news just showed Gerald Howarth, Conservative MP for Aldershot, asking the Home Secretary to make sure only Christians are allowed in.

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