The UK population projection

  TopCat® 00:45 24 Oct 2007

I'm aware that this is a projection - click here - and not a prediction but I think it is something all our governments of the future will certainly have to take serious notice of, don't you?

I would hope the present incumbents and their departments are on the right course to ease further numbers smoothly into our society. Without proper planning and safeguards it could be a disaster, I would venture to say. TC.

  egapup 08:27 24 Oct 2007

Immigration should be stopped now, cant go on letting more and more in and all those foreign prisoners should be deported, apparentely there's two prisons turned over to just accomodate foreigners.

  newman35 08:51 24 Oct 2007

Such sweeping statements don't help - do you really want our NHS to collapse for lack of doctors and nurses?
The only dental treatment available in my area is from Polish dentists (begged to come here by our NHS Trust).
Or do you have some selective plan to put into operation?

  newman35 08:52 24 Oct 2007

Oh, and would you ban our people from emigrating??

  TopCat® 08:58 24 Oct 2007

I'm afraid immigration is here to stay, egapup, though I gather it could be that much more selective in the future. There is an acute shortage of professionals, especially engineers, and the EU as a whole has to be more competitive in acquiring them. Otherwise they will be lost to the United States and Australia. TC.

  newman35 09:43 24 Oct 2007

Agreed, and your 'aside' really answers itself - there WILL be continuing immigration (albeit on a 'selective' basis) and this automatically means more houses needed .....!!

  lisa02 09:53 24 Oct 2007

Believe or hope???

I hope they fall, otherwise I can't afford one ever.

When I pass the local benefits office and hear every language but English I do wonder. We need better controls on immigration and not what egapup wants which is a complete stop.

  tried 12:11 24 Oct 2007

I recon we can fit 17 million more in if we all slim down a bit! Golden Browns pads got 2 spare bedrooms Ive got 1 spare HRH has 22 sorry 23!Dont panic lads i have a cunning plan! How about let them all in here and we all go over there? Trouble is thres no benifit office there till we set it up gosh im getting in deep water here!

  Stuartli 13:11 24 Oct 2007 my other half, whose continuing qood health is very dependent not only on British doctors, consultants and nurses, but also their extremely capable and very hard working Asian and Filipino colleagues.

  Quickbeam 14:08 24 Oct 2007

"My suspicion is that we can. Most people hugely underestimate the amount of "empty space" we have in our country.

Fly over the UK, and you see that human settlement does not fill up the UK at all. It accounts for something in the order of 15% of the land mass.

So physically, we could probably fit another 10 million people in - or 16% of the population - without toppling into the sea. "

Maybe, but it will have a drastic effect on the countryside as we know it now.

Already we have huge concerns over the disappearing greenbelt, having to build on floodplains, water supplies for the present population, a transport infrastructure that can't cope with todays needs and can we expect to cope with the needs of an ageing population of 70+ million?

So no... I don't think this small island can carry a population of 70-80 million.

  monkeyboy21 14:09 24 Oct 2007

Unfortunately for us, the red top tabloids (and other guilty parties) only ever seem to focus on the down side of mass immigration and never the positive benefits.

Without immigration, this country would cease to function.....and that's before we get on to the subject of how many English leave our shores to become immigrants (or expats as they are more affecionately known)in other countries!

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