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  jakimo 21:07 06 Aug 2006

Is there any point in the general public knowing that there is a severe threat somewhere in the UK by unknown terrorist,when we don't know where that threat is?

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  SG Atlantis® 21:29 06 Aug 2006

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  namtas 22:00 06 Aug 2006

>>Is there any point in the general public knowing that there is a severe threat somewhere in the UK by unknown terrorist>> looking on the positive side, yes, a heightened state of alert would make me a bit more alert, suspicious and aware.

>>when we don't know where that threat is>> they do give locations if the info is good and accurate, sometimes it is not accurate and more difficult without spreading undue alarm.

Fighting terrorism is not an easy task and I think we should support rather than knock the authorities

  Forum Editor 22:19 06 Aug 2006

Consider the possibility that telling a population that there's a non-specific but 'severe' threat of a terrorist attack might - just might, mind you - be counter-productive. Only someone who spent the last few years living in a cave would be unaware that we are at risk from terrorist activity.

Human nature being what it is, we tend to try to push such things to the back of our minds, and get on with our lives. We don't pretend the threat doesn't exist, but we know that the chances of any one of us being involved is remote. That attitude is quite normal - it protects us from the alternative, which is a state of constant tension.

Running a web site that reminds us of a 'severe' threat but says no more is - to my mind at least - pointless, and is merely a bit of governmental lip-service to the 'freedom of information' ethic. We know there's a severe threat, repeating the information on the web does nothing to lessen it, or to protect us from it.

  namtas 09:05 08 Aug 2006

Are you saying the public should not have intelligence awareness? if not what should we have?
It is true we do tend to push things to the back of our mind, but surely a early morning statement that a state of heightened alert exists, would for me personally mean that I might give extra attention to the abandoned brief case, the warning just acts as a catalyst perhaps I am just different in the way I approach my own and my family safety

  silverous 09:42 08 Aug 2006

Has it moved from substantial to severe due to what is going on at the moment with Israel etc.?

Obviously i'm not party to the information they are but I wouldn't have felt an attack "highly likely" but perhaps that's naive.

On that basis, perhaps it is useful as it has hightened my opinion of the likelihood of an attack. I think it is also useful to people who want an 'official' measure to go by or make decisions based on.

  packettracer 10:12 08 Aug 2006

Some times not knowing of a possible attack is better for those who are hunting down those who are going to commit these attacks.

The level of the public being more vigilant in what they see is much high since last July. Added with what is going on in the middle east it is only natural to be on a higher state of readiness than normal.

  Sethhaniel 10:32 08 Aug 2006

have not had the site taken down - as it infringes on their human rights ;)

  spuds 11:11 08 Aug 2006

Who are these terrorists, because it is possible that all the hype about certain groups are not always the ones to watch. And as such, no one really knows where the next strike could be, irrespective of intelligence reports.

Just be vigilant, and if you suspect anything is wrong, then report it to the appropriate authorities. One word of warning. If you see a suspect article, do not stand in very close proximity to it and use a mobile phone or other electronic device. The same rules applies to other people in the area.Move away.

  jakimo 19:06 08 Aug 2006

When I posted this thread,I was of the same opinion as the FE, many have been fully aware of the need to be alert since the days of the IRA bombings, an awareness that always stays with you.

I can see no other reason for the Intelligence services to publish their web site, containing so little useful information was just to re-assure us that even after all the adverse publicity in the past, they are still active

  jakimo 19:14 08 Aug 2006

Are you saying that you would normally ignore abandoned briefcases etc, unless told otherwise by the intelligence services?

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