UK the fastest broadband network in Europe?

  Matt Egan 12:42 16 Feb 2012

God bless them but The House of Lords has announced plans to investigate the government's plans to have "the best superfast broadband network in Europe by 2015".

I'd love to be a fly on the proverbial. One because I suspect the august members of the House of Lords are not the most web savvy (although I may well be wrong) and two because the plan is doomed to fail!

  johndrew 14:37 16 Feb 2012

With all the problems the UK is facing I would have thought that an investigation by the House of Lords would be low priority given that it is the likes of BT (a private company now to my knowledge) who will be providing the infrastructure.

Additionally, no Government has had a great deal of success either introducing computerised systems or upgrading them - always seems to have ended up with a committee designing a horse with humps!! Given this situation I would have thought the wisest idea would have been to leave any investigation to private enterprise but to urge them to supply the infrastructure and provide praise in achievement of suggested targets. Probably much cheaper in the long run as well.

  Matt Egan 14:48 16 Feb 2012

The private sector needs incentives to expose itself to risk and build infrastructure. I totally agree about any government involvement in tech projects, but I suspect it might take a bit of carrot and stick to claw back the competitive advantage.

  john bunyan 15:01 16 Feb 2012

In S Korea, our plans would seem very outdated. They are aiming at 1Gigabit broadband speeds!

  Forum Editor 22:26 16 Feb 2012

Countries in South East Asia know that fast internet access is one of the keys to economic development in a global economy. They have a 'can do' philosophy which is ideally suited to a world that is increasingly influenced by the internet.

Their other advantage is that - in general - they aren't saddled with huge creaky old copper wire telecoms networks. They can leapfrog over people like us.

As a result of the importance these people give to internet access, four of the top five countries in the world as far as percentage of population with broadband access are Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore.

  AL47 22:41 16 Feb 2012

id just like to be able to stream a youtube vid! 0.2-0.4mbits for me here

  Quiller. 23:13 16 Feb 2012

I had the misfortune to be waiting in a large tesco car park for a hour. Free WiFi it said to clubcard holders, so I whipped out my device and joined. Did a speed test.


Shut device down, turned on radio and waited.

We have a 24Mbps exchange. Just done a speed check as things seem slow.

ping 769ms

download speed 0.31Mbps

upload 0.10

Never known it so bad.

  Chegs ®™ 15:06 18 Feb 2012

I tried a speedtest,seems that I'm getting exactly what I pay for(nada/nothing/free)as its diabolically slow atm(speedtest refused to complete)and I suffer regularly from no internet connection available(& usually my phone is dead at the same time)which is why I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of 4G in 2013(according to Gadget Show)as I use my mobile phone as a router so often I might as well cancel my TalkTalk contract.

  Strawballs 16:08 18 Feb 2012

I have 20meg virgin and regularly get between 17 and 19 meg on different speed tests.

  frybluff 19:44 18 Feb 2012

Over a year ago, I couldn't park my car outside for a week, as the road was dug up, to install fibre-optic. It's sitting there, 30 metres away, but BT recon they will be able to connect us early NEXT year. 2015, are you sure they don't mean 2115!!

  Input Overload 17:55 19 Feb 2012

I still maintain that some of the issue is people are not willing to pay more than a few pounds a month for really fast access. On my road there has been fast fibre for some years yet none of my neighbours use it, most are quite happy with 8MegBit or so, these people are not on the bread line either.

I think it is well worth the £30+ a month or so I pay, people will stump up for Sky Sports & Movies without a second thought but not for fibre.

If you want it for free you will be waiting a long time. And I personally am not willing to subsidise others for cheap (free) fibre when I pay a premium cost & have for some years.

Its just not that important for the average person in the UK from my experience.

I always get 100 - 104 Meg down & 9+ up, it seems to me the people who want it can't get fast access & those who can are not willing when it comes to actually paying wont.

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