Is the UK dragging its feet with broadband !!

  spuds 10:55 13 Dec 2007

Reading a magazine article yesterday,it stated " Britain's broadband industry has said there is no need to push for next generation broadband yet because there isn't sufficient demand for it". Yet the Minister for Competitiveness Stephen Timm's declared last month " that delays putting the necessary networks in place could harm the future UK economy". The internet industry responded by saying "current market conditions do not justify the expense".

What's your views, are we becoming a nation of second best!!.

  Totally-braindead 11:12 13 Dec 2007

How fast does BB need to be?

I'm not interested in keeping up with the Jones.

My connection is fast enough for me, if I can get a faster speed at the same price then I would welcome it but I'm not about to upgrade my connection if it costs more money.

Not being funny spuds but regarding businesses is there a significant advantage for a business if their connection becomes even faster? You can already get a very fast connection. Or is it not just about speed?

  Proclaimer 11:22 13 Dec 2007

I have Sky+ and an (NTL) Virgin Broadband and Phone line. I have decided to ditch Sky+ and go back to Virgin for 'the telly'.

Whilst looking at their packages I decided their Large package was good enough with its 4mb Broadband that I enjoy now.

Being a current customer I asked for a discount on the installation of the telly package but they could not do that.

The could however offer me their VIP (Very Impressive Package) with a whopping 20mb broadband and all telly channels as well as free calls 24x7 to all mainland land lines cheaper than my current 'mix and match' of Sky and Virgin.

I can't speak for industry but I do know that my current 4mb broadband is more than adequate for my home/bussines use. I download several gigabytes on an average month with my current 4mb connection. I also upload several hundred mb each month, quite within my expectations so I do wonder who would need 8 or 10mb broadband let alone the 20 they will deliver for me.

Incidentally, recent speed checks have me at 3-3.5mb of the 4mb claimed and I am fully aware that that is excellent service.

  oresome 11:38 13 Dec 2007

It's always a chicken and egg situation.

As soon as there is the capacity, someone will think of ways of exploiting it.

We all got by without mobile phones not so long since. Now everyone 'needs' one.

  jakimo 11:40 13 Dec 2007

There are reports that this country is way behind as far as speed is concerned,and we will not have access to new broadband systems being introduced in the rest of Europe

  birdface 11:49 13 Dec 2007

Going with the TV last night,Don't know what program it was but Europe has a 40% better broadband service than the UK.So are we getting ripped off in the Uk.Probably.I know the service provider that I am with you can get 20MB from them but most of there customers are only getting 8Mb or less.You just have to look at the Helproom page this morning to see that things are not right.Europe 40% better and probably cheaper.

  Chegs ®™ 11:49 13 Dec 2007


I have had many conversations with friends online and in person,and all have said if they could get faster BB they would.

Personally,I'm content with 2Mbs I had until upgrading to Max(upto 8Mbs)whereupon I now get disconnected at midnite onwards,it refuses to rise above 2.2Mbs for long,and costs more for a capped service than my previous uncapped 2Mb.

  JanetO 11:58 13 Dec 2007

I would welcome next generation higher speed capacity. When I got bb from Pipex about 7 years ago it was quick, a lot quicker than the 'up to 8mb' increased speeds I'm supposed to be getting now. The slow-up is largely due to the increased capacity because of bb being now accessable and affordable to many more people. I hear all sorts of excuses from isp's who say the speed is all dependent on distance from exchange etc. It's a load of codswallop. They oversubscribe their servers to a greater number of connections, and they deliberately keep speeds down because they overstretch their capacity.

The system is now becoming stretched, so we need to expand it.

  gudgulf 12:15 13 Dec 2007

I'd welcome getting the speeds we should already be capable of.

When I upgraded to *up to* 8 meg I was getting around 6 meg speeds,and my line was rated at 6.6 meg according to BT.

Now I get 3.6 meg and my line supports 4.4 meg according to BT.

I haven't moved house and my system is unchanged but the goalposts have moved!

So,don't know about next gen,we can't even cope with first generation broadband.

  cycoze 12:44 13 Dec 2007

Compared to other countries, then yes.

Fast, reliable and reasonable bandwidth is what most people want, not necessarily supersonic speeds just fast, the average i believe across the uk is 4mb, i'm on 2mb as the line cannot cope with anymore.

I am happy to download larger files after midnight or in the mornings so as not to get pushed onto a bad boys pipe, but it is not always good for other people who may only have the time in the evenings.

So yes the UK is lagging behind.

  TopCat® 12:53 13 Dec 2007

the UK has been 'dragging its feet' on many ventures for quite some time now, and the mediocre broadband speed situation is just one of them, when compared to other developed nations in this world.

It would seem, according to this article - click here - that the demand for faster speeds is not quite loud enough yet to warrant high expenditure on new networks. One day, perhaps, someone will make the first move and realise that the old maxim, 'time is money', is more relevant in today's business world than it has ever been. TC.

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