UFO hack looked like terrorist attack

  Seth Haniel 08:44 08 Aug 2008

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After the computer network at the Naval Weapons Station Earle in New Jersey was breached and crashed just a few weeks after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, investigators thought it might be part of a larger al-Qaeda plot against the United States.
Investigators worked around the clock to figure out who had been in and out of the system that runs the weapons station for about five months, stealing passwords, installing remote access software, deleting data and ultimately shutting down the network of 300 computers for an entire week. That weeklong shutdown meant that for that period of time -- in the aftermath of attacks on the U.S. -- the station couldn't do its job of replenishing munitions and supplies to the Atlantic fleet.

  birdface 11:27 08 Aug 2008

Looks like he could be spending a lot of time without the use of his computer.I did not know what he did was as serious as this.Just wonder what would have happened if he was allowed to fire any missiles or anything of that nature.

  Al94 11:35 08 Aug 2008

I think this sums up the case

Schmidt added that while it was "troubling" that the naval station's system could be compromised for five months without anyone noticing, he thinks security has been multiplied since then.

"We're much more focused on cybersecurity now," he said. "The controls weren't in place then. Emphasis on information security wasn't there at the time. Every year we get better. It doesn't mean we have vulnerabilities, but we are better."

  Seth Haniel 11:42 08 Aug 2008

three weeks earlier ;)

  skeletal 13:03 08 Aug 2008

The problem with this case is that, as usual, we don’t know the real truth. Having been personally involved in a “dodgy use of computers” case myself, I know for a fact that some authorities do their best to over exaggerate “offenses” and do their best to stitch people up.

I would not trust the US Government further than I could throw it (actually, make that any government), but as I don’t know the bloke, I wouldn’t automatically believe he was a saint either.


  skeletal 14:32 08 Aug 2008

fourm member: True enough. There was a famous film (can’t remember the name) about some teenagers (IIRC) nearly starting a war by hacking into missile systems. I’ve always assumed this to be total nonsense (apart from making a fairly good film).

Surely, someone confirm, it IS nonsense isn’t it??!!


  laurie53 20:25 08 Aug 2008

"it IS nonsense isn’t it??!!"

Since it is normal to deploy underwater decoys to fool active weapon systems such as torpedoes and sonar, and it is normal to fire heat sources and radar reflectors from aircraft to fool other weapons systems,it should not be beyond the limits of mankind's ingenuity to develop an elctronic system to fool other electronic systems into thinking they're being attacked.

All you are trying to do, in fact, is trigger a sophisticated spam filter!

  Seth Haniel 10:53 13 Aug 2008

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A Briton accused of hacking into secret military computers has won a two-week stay on his extradition to the US.

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