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  peter99co 10:08 14 May 2008

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I only see UFO's when I have one to many shandies.

What sightings have you made?

  Totally-braindead 10:22 14 May 2008

Do we really want to encourage the conspiracy theorists? I'm afraid judging by previous posts on this sort of nonsense someone will soon get out of hand and this thread will be locked.

Sorry but conspiracy theorists are not the most rational of people to begin with.

To answer your question I have seen nothing because there is nothing to see.

  donki 11:25 14 May 2008

I havent seen anything either and dont really expect too, but how do we know? If our solar system is indeed only a small part of a vast universe why should we be the only ones? I've often wondered to myself why I am so negative to the thought of "alien life".

  Seth Haniel 11:32 14 May 2008

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So many of the faith will have to start believing ;)

  Seth Haniel 11:43 14 May 2008

a person who sees a UFO and a 'Conspiracy Theorist' are two seperate entities

Put your red flag down as that is going to cause more trouble than letting a news item run And that the Government found important enough to have a department investigate. ;)

  Forum Editor 18:07 14 May 2008

what a diversionary tactic is, and everyone certainly knows that things haven't been going too well of late for the people in charge.

"on 21 February 1982, a group of customers and staff at a Tunbridge Wells pub reported an unknown object with green and red flashing lights - seen heading in the direction of Gatwick airport"

I'm going right out on a limb here, but aircraft usually head for airports, don't they?

Anyone who seriously believes that alien spacecraft have been flitting around Sussex, or over the Thames near Waterloo bridge, or anywhere else for that matter, should go and sit quietly under the big tree until the nurse calls them in for tea.

  al7478 18:21 14 May 2008

if theyre going to try to divert my attention with something as silly as this, they really have run out of steam.

I personally think thats not whats going on. Nor am i saying that they believe the little green men are coming. Just that they did consider it worthy of attention and someone got wind of it and...well...journalists are a silly lot sometimes. In fact, I've heard we have a "season" named after them...

  kingisangus 19:01 14 May 2008

'To answer your question I have seen nothing because there is nothing to see.'

I have never seen a UFO, i don't believe UFO's have visited our planet. But do i think there is no possibility whatsoever that in the entirety of our Universe there is no other intelligent life? No, and to state a categoric answer in either direction is arrogant in the extreme.

  John B 19:09 14 May 2008

but U.F.O. does not have to mean alien of course ... just 'unidentified'.

  al7478 19:20 14 May 2008

with the scientific and mathematical probabilities in mind, it certainly possible to say its incredibly unlikely - unless there is life somewhere thats sustained in a completely diferent way to earth bound life forms. Which is itself highly unlikely. Either way, im not sure where the arrogance is.

Quite right John B. Sometimes the obvious needs to be restated.

  Curio 19:27 14 May 2008

So - Stargate SG1 etc is not true? How disappointing.

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