Al94 19:42 24 Oct 2010

At the risk of being ridiculed (and I'm not a huge believer in UFO's) I was just out at the bin this evening and noticed a strange orange light in the sky over Bangor, Northern Ireland moving from north to south, it appeared to be at the height of aircraft that would usually pass overhead and was moving at a similar speed but definately not on the same flight path. There was absolutely no sound from it at all. Could best be described as a fire coloured orb. Called my wife out and we both watched it as it passed over the house and continued due south before eventually going out of sight. Never seen anything like it before.

I googled it and see various similar reports in UK recently click here

  rdave13 19:57 24 Oct 2010

Comet or meteorite I suspect. If it was closer then the night sky would appear bluish arround it . Reported one to the coastguard in late 1970 and a wonderous sight.

  dagbladet 20:01 24 Oct 2010

Could well be one of these Chinese lanterns, which are becoming a bit of a nuisance apparently. click here

  birdface 20:10 24 Oct 2010

Could see the same sort of things about 6 weeks ago and posted on here to see if someone had any idea as to what it was.
What I noticed was something that was on fire or giving a bright glow.
What i was told as the aeroplanes were flying that high they were catching the suns reflection from the horizon which was causing the brightness.
They were high enough up not to be causing any noise to me.
After seeing this on different nights that sounded like the most reasonable explanation.

  Al94 20:15 24 Oct 2010

Chinese lantern looks like a possibility.

  sunnystaines 20:53 24 Oct 2010

there is supposed to be a comet visible this week in the sky, not seen it yet.

  wellshgit 21:27 24 Oct 2010

Saw similar things over torquay last december. Then realised they were chinese lanterns. I thought they were ufos at first.

  peter99co 21:36 24 Oct 2010

Lets hope it was a chinese lantern made without metal parts and it finished up in the sea.

  birdface 09:18 25 Oct 2010

Height of aircraft and about the same speed.
I think it probably was.
Unless they make Cineese lanterns that can go so quick and not on the same flight path would would say to me airoplane.
lanterns would tend to go in the same direction.

  sunnystaines 10:34 25 Oct 2010

higher they get the faster the wind blows in a lot of cases

  skeletal 16:56 26 Oct 2010

I have recently seen these UFOs myself (UFO is the correct description; I cannot identify what they are, and they are flying!), actually on two separate occasions at around 10PM on Friday nights. Having spotted the one, I wondered if it would appear at a similar day/time later; it did.

It/they were like nothing I have ever seen before; just like Al94’s description: an orange red globe, travelling quickly, at aircraft height(ish), keeping the same height, completely silent; it did not “disappear” it just kept flying, as would a plane, until it became too small to continue watching.

Nothing like a meteor, far too fast for balloons and thus Chinese Lanterns, nothing like aircraft “catching the light” because they remained the same orange/red sphere as they approached, passed near to overhead, then flew into the distance. Planes catching the light flash as they change position relative to the observer/sun. Not helicopter search lights, nor aircraft landing lights.

We are not too far from the flight path to Elmdon airport and I’ve seen all manner of planes and helicopters (and hot air balloons once) at very low to very high altitudes at all times of day and night and these were nothing like any of them.

Oh, and my next door neighbour saw the same thing a few weeks before me, and my son also watched them with me.

My guess is a new type of plane, or propulsion system, but what on earth it could be I’ve no idea.


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