U can now pass ur xams usin txt spk

  [email protected] 20:22 02 Nov 2006

click here

No wonder so many kids can't spell properly

  mammak 20:58 02 Nov 2006

what next and it is not only children my sister is 36 is the head of department in childrens with social services and when she texts me I have to phone her to ask what she meant and I am only 45 have a 24 year old son two daughters of 21 and 9 and most of the time my 9 year old can read it but I cant!

  Confab 21:16 02 Nov 2006

I still remember to this day when my English teacher read to the class two essays that were written by pupils taking “O” level English. The first was a mundane story, which I can’t remember, and the other was this most fantastic piece of writing about a guy waiting for his girlfriend to call him. After she read both stories she asked us which one we thought would score the highest mark. Of course we all said the second essay, but to our surprise the first got more marks. And you know why? It was because the mundane piece was perfectly punctuated and had not a single spelling mistake. The second was full of grammatical errors.

Make of that what you will.


  Pamy 21:26 02 Nov 2006

thats progress, now where did I put my abacuss

  mammak 21:34 02 Nov 2006


Confab well my grammatical errors are enough for any English Teacher to break into a sweat over but I understand your point.

  Confab 22:14 02 Nov 2006

In my day sentences started with a capital letter and ended with a full stop. But if you can get your point across without being grammatically perfect then that’s fine by me. ;-)


  rodriguez 22:16 02 Nov 2006

I have a habit of writing things with the correct grammar. I even write like this on MSN - just on MSN I do away with the capital letters and full stops. I still leave the apostraphe's in though.

  Belatucadrus 22:21 02 Nov 2006

"The whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought. In the end, we make Thought Crime literally impossible because there'll be no words to express it."

George Orwell. from 1984

We're running a bit behind schedule, but we'll get there.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:29 03 Nov 2006

Welcome to the real and changing world.


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