Tyres for Ice and Snow

  peter99co 20:34 26 Nov 2010

I used to get about a lot easier years ago without all this gritting we now seem to do.

One of the reasons seems to be that the cars tyres were much narrower than they are now. I even had a loan of a car in the 60's which had twin rear tyres mounted that could "go anywhere"
I think it was a Citroen.

Is this allowed or available now?

Just a set of narrow tyres on the frontwheel drive car would work.

  carver 20:53 26 Nov 2010

What you have suggested will get you killed, the front tyres might grip the road but you would end up with the back end losing traction and that is far worse than a front end skid

Read this click here

  peter99co 21:09 26 Nov 2010

Oh well narrow all round then! An old Ford I used to drive was great on narrow tyres.

  skeletal 23:11 26 Nov 2010

As I think we are in few a few years of cold winters, it had crossed my mind to get a set of winter tyres; carver’s link explains better than me why.

My local dealer now offers a service where they provide a set of winter tyres/wheels and keep the summer ones in storage.

All good ideas, until I saw the price for my car...well over £1500.

Probably worth it if you do lots of driving in winter, but I’m probably down to around 1000 or two now, so I’m not rushing out. Also, of course, if any new car you get uses different wheel sizes, you'd have to buy a new set.


  al's left peg 06:59 27 Nov 2010

In Sweden where my sister in law lives, it is law to have winter tyres. I am aware their winters are far harsher than ours, but how long before an insurance company states you will get a better discount for having fitted winter tyres in this type of weather?

  Quickbeam 08:15 27 Nov 2010

It's enough to just fit new tyres with 8mm of tread for the weather that we get. Anything less than 3.5mm and it's off with them for me if it snows.

  morddwyd 09:03 27 Nov 2010

"you would end up with the back end losing traction and that is far worse than a front end skid"

Most back ends don't have any traction in these days of front wheel drive, and there are many experts who would disagree about a back end skid being worse.

You can, given the space, steer into a back end skid, rally drivers, who are admittedly experts, do it all the time.

In a front end skid you are helpless.

  carver 09:30 27 Nov 2010

Please be sensible, if the rear of your car slides you do not have enough space or time to correct it, you have to drive into it and unless your roads were you live are about 60 mtrs wide with no cars parked on them or you are the only driver on that road you have no chance.

A front end slide can be corrected far easier simply by easing off the power to the front wheels to allow grip (hopefully) to return.

I am not going to post any links as to why your answer is incorrect there are just to many.

I think that you have your ends back to front.

  carver 09:49 27 Nov 2010

If you do decide to change tyres here is a link to a tyre calculator site click here

Just remember that if you do decide to alter tyre and wheel size and have an accident then your insurance company may refuse to pay out because they can say you have modified your car without telling them.

  sunnystaines 11:57 27 Nov 2010

with modern cars fitted with ABS do they still skid?

never experienced a real life skid other than in controlled skid pans meant for the purpose of driver training.

  Noldi 12:12 27 Nov 2010

The winter tires you should have is better as a slightly narrower width. But if you are doing it so you can even get around with a BMW then you need to go for propper winter tires. They are a lot softer compound and grip better in temp under 7 deg. you also need to go for a hight profile, so if you have 17" or 18" rims then use a set of 16" this will increase profile so gives the tire a bit mor movement, These tire also have a different tyre pattern with menny small groves.

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