two way radios & pregnant women

  hijo 13:19 04 Jan 2007

Hi all, a friend of mine @ my work is a supervisor & has to wear a walkie talkie/two way radio on her hip due to her job,she asked me last night if i knew of any dangers of the radio waves from the radio that might effect the baby ive never heard of it but can anyone shed any light here please,shes about 5 month now,

  SB23 13:36 04 Jan 2007

I may stand corrected, but its not something that I would worry about. When you consider the amount of radio waves buzzing around us for one thing or another. Just my opinion.

  rodriguez 14:20 04 Jan 2007

I think these radios use the FM standard that normal radios use anyway. The ones I used to use did anyway, but even if they've changed to a digital signal it's nothing like mobile phone radiation (there isn't a lot from mobile phones anyway) so it should be pretty safe.

  rezeeg 14:24 04 Jan 2007

hijo, from click here

"Many different sources and exposures to electromagnetic fields in the living and working environment, including computer screens, water beds and electric blankets, radio frequency welding machines, diathermy equipment and radar, have been evaluated by the WHO and other organizations. The overall weight of evidence shows that exposure to fields at typical environmental levels does not increase the risk of any adverse outcome such as spontaneous abortions, malformations, low birth weight, and congenital diseases. There have been occasional reports of associations between health problems and presumed exposure to electromagnetic fields, such as reports of prematurity and low birth weight in children of workers in the electronics industry, but these have not been regarded by the scientific community as being necessarily caused by the field exposures (as opposed to factors such as exposure to solvents).

12 September 2006"

  Forum Editor 16:44 04 Jan 2007

by the amniotic fluid in which it's growing. Tell her not to worry about radio waves, her baby will be just fine.

  g0nvs 21:13 04 Jan 2007

Most probably VHF radio transmitting milliwatts of RF & nowhere near mobile phone frequencies.(much higher).

  hijo 02:27 05 Jan 2007

OK fella's MANY thankx for ALL ur support & knowledge,i will pass that on..regards

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