This is two Unbelievable stories

  [email protected] 17:28 08 Feb 2008

This is a fine example of madness, as a burglar walks free for costing the courts too much Another woman is sent to CROWN Court for throwing a apple out of her window? it just dont make sence..

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  red3 17:38 08 Feb 2008

What do you have to do to get jailed nowadays, apart from non-payment of council tax of course?
!!!!! We're doomed !!!!!!!!!

  anskyber 17:43 08 Feb 2008

It does make sense.

The case of the discarded apple has arisen because she has pleaded not guilty, although oddly the report talks of her saying that the apple is biodegradable and in effect whats the harm.

Either she threw it out of the window or she did not, the inference of her reported comments is she is challenging the wisdom of the law by pleading not guilty. The evidence will show whether she was guilty or not but perhaps she could face an award of costs against her for the frivolous use of Court time. She could be acquitted of course.

The other case is about a guilty plead and the punishment handed down, the cases are therefore not comparable. It's a matter of opinion about the sentence and I think it does on the face of the information in the report appear to be lenient.

I think what you have done is posted about your own interpretation of how the law works rather than understanding the principles and seeing the complete difference between the cases.

  wee eddie 18:05 08 Feb 2008

had she woken, while he was at his burgling, and thrown the Alarm Clock at him.

She would have been Jailed for Assault

  jack 20:12 08 Feb 2008

Legal representative to appeal the decision and ask for a reconsideration before another judge?

  Tim1964 20:57 08 Feb 2008

How can it be too costly to 'lock up' a criminal. We could just chain them by the ankle to a lamppost and throw the occasional 'value' loaf at them for food. No need to worry about something to drink as any rain will take care of that. When their time is up just unchain them.

Of course if they damage the post with the chain then seize their possessions to cover the costs (and leave the chain on of course).

Total cost-

£10 for the chain and padlock (reusable)
£1 a week for the bread.

Simple really.

  gardener 21:46 08 Feb 2008

The apple case, does this mean that I can now be prosecuted for feeding the birds? Absolute insanity and should never have been brought to this level.

  Stuartli 23:42 08 Feb 2008

When did sanity and common sense play a role in such matters?

  IClaudio 23:53 08 Feb 2008

This woman throws an apple core from her car, and then defends her actions by saying that the apple is 'bio-degradable' - oh, that's fine then, let's all throw our fruit and vegetables (and stale bread and cheese and yogurt and fruit juice) into the road...

She's really saying 'I care so little for my fellow citizens that I'll chuck my rubbish at their feet without caring -- oh, and by the way, the council can come along and clear up the mess.' And, she probably complains about paying her Council Tax...

These awful people, in their black leggings and brown suede boots make me sick.

  Belatucadrus 23:59 08 Feb 2008

I think she's a complete dimwit, she tossed the core and got fined, the court case is a complete waste of everybodies time and I think she should be made to pay for it. The biodegradable nature of the offending product isn't relevant, so's banana peel, paper, cardboard, offal and faecal matter. Is she suggesting that lobbing stuff like that willy nilly out of the car window is OK ?

  Forum Editor 08:26 09 Feb 2008

did throw a core from her car she committed an offence, and should pay for it - that's an end to the matter. Trying to justify such an act with all this nonsense about the bio-degradability of the apple is stupid - human excrement is bio-degradable.

If she's guilty I hope the crown court punishes her severely for wasting our money.

The car key case is different, this time it's the judge being a fool.

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