Two spaces after a full stop?

  silverous 18:00 24 Jul 2007

In reviewing a website I noticed that it had dropped all the 2nd spaces after full stops. I was always taught to type that way, and to me it looks odd without, however this caused me to do a quick survey around poular sites (this one included) and it seems that "the web" has decided to drop this practice. If indeed it ever was a practice.

There's a certain amount of debate out there, what is your view?

Perhaps it is not a big deal, when you are used to a convention it is kind of odd to suddenly become aware that it has been quietly dropped or in fact was never a convention!!!!!



  silverous 18:00 24 Jul 2007


  Curio 18:08 24 Jul 2007

I was taught to Touch-type using Pitmans in 1954. Two spaces always followed a full stop, a single space after any other punctuation unless starting a new sentence. Loos Good and seems right. Will not be changing, even if I could!

  crosstrainer 18:13 24 Jul 2007

Is right, and one after a comma.

  Forum Editor 18:13 24 Jul 2007

but my wife does, and she says that you're technically correct, but she also says that nowadays she uses only one space - after both a full stop and any other punctuation.

I've always used one space.

  wiz-king 18:15 24 Jul 2007

Never heard of that one! I left school in 1964 and we were taught that there was only one. However click here you not be wrong or may be correct. It's up to you or so it appears.

  Jackcoms 18:28 24 Jul 2007

Two spaces is and always has been correct.

Anything else is either pure laziness, bad habit or, more likely, ignorance.

There is also another error which I see more and more being perpetrated (quite often on these Forums amongst other places) and that is people failing to insert a space being paragraphs.

Apart from anything else, that makes it difficult for the reader and, to my mind, reams and reams of unbroken text just cause me to switch off and move on to something better.

  Kate B 18:29 24 Jul 2007

It's one these days. I was taught two, but on every newspaper I've ever worked on (which is quite a few) it's just one. Two looks untidy.

  v1asco 18:45 24 Jul 2007

How many extra key presses is that in a working day?

I've always been taught one and if my memory serves me correct, as Kate B says it was one in printing.

Although its been 40 yrs since I have type-set athe school mag. Which was a great hobby, but it still took me 2 goes to get O level english!

No wonder I didn't get that job on the Free Press.

  Jim Thing 18:53 24 Jul 2007

... is telling me that one of the first 'real' word processors (WordStar perhaps?) automatically removed any additional spaces after each full point.

Also my copy of Hart's Rules (Oxford University Press's authoritative style guide, 1978 edition) specifies "space of the line* after a full point."

* i.e. same space as between words.

  Jim Thing 19:09 24 Jul 2007

"It would be interesting to compare speed of reading and level of comprehension for the same piece with single and double spaces."

Not quite the same thing I know, but... many years ago there was a paper in some journal or other* claiming that the inconsistent spacing between words in adjacent lines of justified text made life unnecessarily difficult for very poor readers.

* Cambridge Univ. Journal of Applied Psychology I think, probably sometime in the 1950s.

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