Two planes in airport collision

  day2strike 16:04 05 Aug 2008
  Forum Editor 17:08 05 Aug 2008

Nobody was injured, and the operation of the airport (Manchester) was not affected.

  g0nvs 18:55 05 Aug 2008

There is a very good visitor park at Manchester Airport, spent a day there recently.

  laurie53 20:32 05 Aug 2008

Given the number of ground movements at even a provincial airport, the fact that the pilot in most cases can see little other than the nose cone, and the aircraft is operating at a speed and in a medium and in a number of dimensions for which it was not primarily designed, it is surprising that there are not more minor scrapes.

  sunny staines 21:36 05 Aug 2008

these are quiet common, i spent 3 years working in heathrow in early 80's remember several of these type incidents were never news then.

one was one of the first gulfstream 3 executive jets was doing a world tour as a demo to get drum up sales till a ground worker forgot he was driving an airliner stair case and tried to drive under its wing [cost BA a lot of money]. Another the blast from a taxing airliner blew over a small high wing cessna, and like the one in the link wing tips often clipped parked planes.

  Quickbeam 09:10 06 Aug 2008

It sounds to be just as frequent as bumps in the supermarket car park then...

  Forum Editor 09:43 06 Aug 2008

Not quite, it doesn't happen that often, but it does happen.

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