Two huge explosions on the sun

  Al94 17:36 06 Feb 2011

Came across this NASA Hi res image of the event on 28 January click here

  Forum Editor 17:48 06 Feb 2011

these things happen all the time, don't they? As far as I know, these events weren't extraordinary in relative terms.

  rickf 18:47 06 Feb 2011

And I have just watched 2012 the movie. Is this the beginning? Get ready people.

  Forum Editor 18:48 06 Feb 2011

No, it isn't.

  octal 19:07 06 Feb 2011

I will be interesting to see what effect that is going to have when all the dust reaches earth. Although it was a major event, it wasn't directly towards the earth, but there is bound to be some consequences to radio communications. I'll let you know in a few days time.

Maybe a nice Aurora up in Scotland?

  john bunyan 19:09 06 Feb 2011

Although a bit OTT this may "get" us before the sun does:
click here

  Legolas 19:12 06 Feb 2011

Despite the FE's stoic cynicism it could well be the beginning of the end. Wur doomed doomed......or maybe not...well it's got to end sometime

  peter99co 20:55 06 Feb 2011
  peter99co 23:05 06 Feb 2011

click here

This gives 360 degree coverage of Our Star

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