Technotiger 09:47 15 May 2009

Hi folks,

A friend has pointed out to me that a person on Twitter is using the name 'technotiger' and with the same Christian name as myself.

I just want to notify all, that this 'twit' is not me, I never have and never will be a 'twitter' ....... !!

Have a good day each.

Cheers, TT.

  Quickbeam 10:05 15 May 2009

I wonder how many on here would have noticed that if you hadn't pointed it out...;)

  Technotiger 10:19 15 May 2009

Probably none - but you know what 'they' say - there is always 'one' .......... :-))

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:22 15 May 2009

I didn't realise that you have copyrighted thye name unlike that unbearable Tolkien fellow.


  Technotiger 10:31 15 May 2009

Hi, not copyrighted of course, but I was under the impression that computer programs automatically checked if names were already in use.

Not bothered in the slightest, I didn't notice it myself - a friend of a friend, had it bought to their attention and the friend told me.

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