spuds 10:45 26 Jun 2006

This is not a computer question, but a possible debate.

In the area that I live in, it would appear that every town or village as to be twinned with something or another. It's probably me, but I cannot see what the actual benefits this brings to 'our' community, except perhaps 'fact finding' events for some dignitary or another.

Is twinning a success, doe's it really achieve what it was set out to do. Perhaps you have the answer, because I am confused by it all!.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:49 26 Jun 2006

As far as I can see it brings little or no benefit apart from the mayor and local councillors gettigng a couple of free trips per year. I brought this same point up at a recent council meeting and I am still awaiting a reply...I rest my case.


  DieSse 11:49 26 Jun 2006

Have you asked the question of your local councillor? That's what he/she is there for and you might find the reply enlightening, and worth discussion.

  DieSse 11:52 26 Jun 2006

When I was a councillor, we had a (party) policy that councillors paid their own expenses for trips such as these. That's in addition to taking unpaid time off work where required.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:23 26 Jun 2006

'Have you asked the question of your local councillor?'...yes and am still awaiting their reply. I remain less than impressed.


  spuds 12:29 26 Jun 2006

"Have you asked the question of your local councillor?". Emmmm No. But I have asked them to deal in other matters of importance, and the response as been very poor.

But did these trips, unpaid time off work, actually achieve anything for the community. Referring to unpaid time, I do not know when you were a councillor, or whether it was city/county or village. But I know my local city councillors are now paid (allowances!) rather finely for the services they commit themselves to.In the days when my late father was an alderman, he could have claimed out of pocket expenses. He never did, as he was richer than the people he served. All that seems to have changed nowadays, but that's another subject!.

  anskyber 12:34 26 Jun 2006

A glorified excuse for a free bash usually. Yes there are some Councils like the one DieSse mentioned but they are few and far between.

I am waiting for the first post which will explain the benefits of a Council here say a steel working town being able to visit the Rhur in Germany. Come to think of it they are probably welcome to that visit! I can see some advantage for those in education having the chance to visit other places and see/speak with others but the Civic exchanges seem pointless.

  spikeychris 13:48 26 Jun 2006
  silverous 14:03 26 Jun 2006

...query with your local councillor then I'd love to know where you live cos i'll move there!

Does it actually cost anything (to the residents) to be twinned?

It sounds to me as if it presents the potential for cultural, educational (school trips and projects on the twinned towns) and potentially economic benefits so if those outweight the costs (what costs are there?) then why not.

I don't think i've lived anywhere twinned with anywhere so maybe that counts me out of the discussion!

  DieSse 14:12 26 Jun 2006

IMHO anything that draws people together rather than keeps them apart is a "good thing".

I believe in my time there was never anything more than very modest costs involved - I can't answer for any other councils than the one I served on.

Not everything in this world can, or needs to be, reduced to a cost/benefit process, particularly when the benefits are largely intangible.

  towntwinning 16:53 26 Jun 2006

Hi folks,

Firstly I would like to say thanks to spikeychris for putting the link to my website, click here. I hope that and the other two links have gone some way to answering some of the questions listed here.

I would like to point out howevere, that although all twinning groups require council recognition in order to run officially, but not all twinning groups are council run, many are run as a normal community organisation with little or minimum council involvment.

In Sandy, we are proud of the fact that whilst many of the councillors are members of our group, only one is nominated by the council, the rest are acting in a private campacity and everyone pays their own way on twinning visits. there are no "jolly's" for anyone. Not even when the Mayor attends with us.

If Spuds or Gandalf have any further questions I will be happy to try and answer them.

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