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  PalaeoBill 22:33 27 Dec 2009

The BBC are claiming that Eastenders was the most watched programme at Christmas will 11 million viewers (~ 45% of the viewing public).
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I know that these figures are based on BARB's 5100 homes and then multiplied up. I also know that I didn't watch it and of all my friends and family, only one household (my mums) admits to having watched it. I'm reasonably happy that none of the others are lying. I suggest that BARB need a bigger sample size, especially if programme scheduling and content is being based on this data.

  Forum Editor 00:04 28 Dec 2009

is a very large sample in statistical terms, and the data returned from them includes the viewing preferences of some 11500 people. It has proved to be extremely reliable over the years.

To ensure that the BARB viewing panel is representative of the viewing audience BARB carries out what it calls an establishment survey. The survey is ongoing, and involves over 50,000 interviews a year.

The fact that your friends and family may have similar viewing preferences to yours isn't remarkable, in fact it's probably the norm. That's the reason BARB makes sure that its panel members are selected from as wide a range of socio-economic groups as possible, and also ensures that the panel is represented in all areas of the country. The viewing habits of people of all ages and both sexes are monitored.

  Quickbeam 06:19 28 Dec 2009

it was certainly the most miserable programme of the year, and I was only a background presence. I've never seen so many actors with such long faces in my life, they made Victor Meldrew look a very happy chappie...

  BT 08:15 28 Dec 2009

Apart from the BARB figures I'm sure that SKY and the Cable companies can quite accurately monitor what their subscribers are tuned in to at any time of the day.

  Forum Editor 10:29 28 Dec 2009

What you say in your final paragraph must be correct - it would be adding unnecessarily complex layers of technology if the providers were to enable channel logging for every subscriber's box.

As I understand it your viewing card tells the box which channels are subscribed to, and the box enables selection from the list, via the LNB on your dish.

  interzone55 19:49 28 Dec 2009

I find it very interesting that in this multi-channel, multi-platform era, that the main 5 channels still constitute the vast majority of viewing figures, whilst reaching just 1 million viewers would be a seriously big audience for any of the digital channels...

  Monoux 21:06 28 Dec 2009

alan14-- could it be that for the vast majority of the UK channels 1-5 are still available on analogue TV which gives a more reliable picture. Digital seems to pixelate and freeze all over the place if it’s too hot, too cold , too windy , too rainy and if there is a Y in name of the day

  BT 08:02 29 Dec 2009

My Freeview and Cable reception is infinitely better than analogue. I don't seem to have any reception problems with them.
Analogue 1-4 is acceptable but Channel 5 is unwatchable here in Norwich.

  jack 10:18 29 Dec 2009

or for that matter the 5100 sample homes.
only the collector of such data to play with and sell on care.
The likes of the populace at large including surely
Palaeo Bill care little.
If my watching was monitored, there would be little to report - it was off most of the time - I had better things to do.

Many years ago I was taking a lunch time stroll with a chum-when we were accosted by a lady 'surveyor' clip board in hand -poor lass little did she know what she was letting herself in for.
Lady 'Would you spare a few minutes for this survey?'
My chum- 'We may- but you get paid for doing this?
'Yes I do' she said
Chum 'And back at office a lot of people get paid for compiling and writing reports'
She 'Yes'
Chum 'Then your employer sell this information for lots of money'
'I guess so' she said
'So' sad my chum
Where do we sign to get our fee for giving up our lunch hour?

So do 5100 viewers Ger paid for having the inconvenience of doing this work?

  numpty_uk 10:50 29 Dec 2009

Last time i watched Eastenders Dirty Den, Angie & Dr Legg were in it.
Are they still?

  Chegs ®™ 11:01 29 Dec 2009

I prefer the reception from analogue we had.We were one of the first areas in the country to go all digital,and only receive half of the forty plus freeview channels,and a recent retune has also removed ITV3 & ITV4.I can see the transmitter mast from my property yet rain/wind or it seems clouds of midges cause freezing or pixelation.I recall many years ago (before Bigrigg transmitter was built)all aerials were aligned with Caldbeck and have just discovered that Caldbeck transmitter carries the full range of channels on freeview so am considering an aerial upgrade and relocation.Either this or I buy a freesat box to replace the Sky+ box as even the basic Sky channel package has so little worthwhile programming it makes it an un-necessary expense.I also disliked finding that Channel 5 is encrypted thus making it impossible to extract these recorded programs from the Sky boxes hard drive,I can understand Sky channels being encrypted to stop people creating DVD's from say movie channels but not a "free-to-air" channel.With so many ways to watch TV online(iPlayer/TV Catchup,etc)the television has become so infrequently used I'm considering disposing of it completely instead of buying a Freesat recorder,though previous experiences with my broadband speeds could leave us with no TV "entertainment" at all.

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