TV Tonight for any RM's (or those of similar ilk)!!

  john bunyan 14:10 01 Nov 2011

At 9pm on BBC2 tonight Paddy Ashdown is describing the "Cockleshell Heroes" raid (Op Frankton) for those interested in such things!!

  Aitchbee 14:51 01 Nov 2011

I'd rather watch paint dry, than listen to that man.

  john bunyan 17:44 01 Nov 2011

AitchBEE. Maybe; but do not insult the memory of those who were killed on this raid by "shooting the messenger". They died so you can have free speech.In his day, before politics, he did an enormous amount of work in the defence of this country.

  Aitchbee 17:50 01 Nov 2011

no insult was intended.I will not be watching it.

  Brumas 17:54 01 Nov 2011

john bunyan. I'll definitely be watching. I read 'The Last of the Cockleshell Heroes' by William Sparks and found it fascinating.

The trouble is now I cannot bear to watch the old 1955 film in case I inadvertently spot Bingalau's ugly mug ;o}}

  Bingalau 19:27 01 Nov 2011

Brumas. In the 1955 film I was only employed to do a couple of underwater scenes. So you will not be able to spot me or anybody else doing that bit, so you will be able to sleep without nightmares tonight.....

There were about ten of us who had a marvellous time working with film stars. We actually lived in a posh hotel for about two weeks and pretended we were film stars. (They live a life of pretence themselves don't they?)

As john bunyan says this is a different tale of the same raid. By the way we both knew the survivors of the raid very well.

That man Lord Paddy Ashdown, served his country on active service and does not deserve to be slighted. He's a damn good man, he was a damn good Marine and his politics were up to him and he was a success in that field too. Just in it at the wrong time.

  ams4127 19:56 01 Nov 2011

Bingalau Very well put.

  flycatcher1 20:08 01 Nov 2011

I will be recording the programme tonight. I do not always agree with the views of Paddy Ashdown but as a Fighting Marine he was top of the shop.

It is a great shame that there are not more MPs and Members of the House of Lords who have actually achieved something in life before moving into politics. In past years Parliament was populated by achievers whether they were miners,stock brokers,soldiers,doctors,factory workers or even bankers. At least some of them knew what they were talking about and if more of them were about maybe we would not have entered so many un-necessary armed conflicts.

My favourite Marine was Captain Ken Newton-Wright who founded the Charity "Macintyre Homes". He found that there was a need and he did not talk about it he did something.

  Aitchbee 20:16 01 Nov 2011

My favourite marine was, and still is, Popeye The Sailor Man.

  Bingalau 20:24 01 Nov 2011

That sounds about right to me..

  morddwyd 20:36 01 Nov 2011

All you old bootnecks, while very loyal, have obviously not been keeping up to date with the forum.

Politicians are only in it for the money and none of them could do a "proper" job!

Paddy Ashdown obviously only "shared the pain" of Lympstone (was it Lympstone in his day?), but didn't actually do the course!

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