TV prog about broadband on tonight...

  ade.h 15:37 02 Aug 2006
Locked 10:00 on BBC2. It looks at the small print and reality behind the "free" offers. Might be worth watching.

  Jimmy14 16:01 02 Aug 2006

I will be watching it


  dukeboxhero 16:57 02 Aug 2006


  anchor 17:06 02 Aug 2006

Summary, courtesy of the Radio Times web site:

"Michael Robinson investigates broadband - one of the fastest growing consumer products of all time with 70,000 people signing up every week. There's now a bewildering variety of services and prices as the telecom giants battle to get and keep customers, and Robinson follows the experiences of families on a typical British street as they try to get to grips with the new technology and the cut-price offers".

10.00 - 10.30 BBC2

  Colin 20:32 02 Aug 2006

I'm jumping the gun not having seen it yet, but I guess it will leave people just as confused as before.

  oresome 09:01 03 Aug 2006

The clear message was to go live in France.

  anskyber 10:40 03 Aug 2006

Not exactly a great leap forward in knowledge but the Talk Talk "failure" was accepted by their CX which is a start. Not sure why they did not advise the grandmother to get Skype or Messenger and save the money on a video phone.

France was interesting but our creaking infrastructure would break under the load. BT are at least on a path for improvements but there is so much to do.

  Colin 10:44 03 Aug 2006

The video phone is a good idea, but a lot of people are not aware that the people you wish to see also need this equipment. It's the same with free VOIP. On a slightly different subject of HD television broadcasts, the adverts don't make it clear that you also need an HD capable TV.

  DieSse 13:37 03 Aug 2006

*It's the same with free VOIP*

No it isn't - check out Gizmo click here

  amonra 15:27 03 Aug 2006

What a load of c**p ! It didn't help anyone make a sensible choice. No technical details whatsoever, no mention of speed, bandwidth, or capping. A complete waste of time. There is more common sense and valuable advice on this forum than anything I heard last night. The program seemed to concentrate on the 3 big players and totally ignore everyone else, very biased.
I've had my two pennyworth now I'm waiting for the next "free" offer - - - - - --

  ade.h 15:48 03 Aug 2006

Agreed. I suspected that it might be light on serious information, but the producers of such programmes often do that presumably because they do not want to risk pitching the tone too high. Either that or they are just too lazy to do the research.

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