TV 'phone-in quiz shows.

  ddd3 13:29 06 Feb 2006

...In this particular case, Brainteaser.

My mother just entered via her computer. It's an old Mac portable and it uses Zetnet via dialup. She got a little over excited at how many times she was allowed to enter for free and used up all her day's quota on the first two quizes, so ever the helpful son, I came upstairs to my Linux desktop which accesses the net via Nildram on ADSL to enter the next competition for her.

Somewhat to my surprise, although I logged in under my own login, and entered using my own name and email address, via a different ISP and using a different operating system and completely different protocol, they identifeid me as the same person and I got the 'Exceeded quota' message.

The only thing I can think of is that they track the 'phone number. Does anyone know?

  SG Atlantis® 18:19 06 Feb 2006

can IP addresses be traced back to their location?

It's either the IP addresses or like you say phone number.

It is interesting though, when I check my speed on a bb site that only allows three uses per month. If I log off reboot the modem and computer I can use it again after reaching the quota. I'm on ntl cable BB

  Forum Editor 20:16 06 Feb 2006

Yes, but not by a TV quiz show.

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