TV Phone Ins

  laurie53 07:37 08 Mar 2007

Following recent problems I see there is now a suggestion to introduce a quality mark to show viewers which interactive services are genuine.

Would it not be easier just to stop the non-genuine ones from transmitting?


  royalflush 11:31 08 Mar 2007

ive called them a few times & genuine is not a word served on there plates,i appreciate that if a call cost a pound they the company transmitting the programme might only see 30-50 pence but its how you get connected to the actual show theres so many differantfilters you have to go through before you can speak to the person whos's the host?
rubbish ban the lot

  knockin on 11:50 08 Mar 2007

Premium phone calls are not designed for the benefit of those making calls. All the programmes inciting people to waste money would stop if people didn't call in.
Last night on such a programme, the mother of a contestant admitted making £200.00 worth of calls voting for her daughter.
Whose fault is that?

  WhiteTruckMan 19:44 08 Mar 2007

Premium rate TV phone lines are:-

a)A good earner

b)A wood burner

c)Kathleen Turner.

Just about sums it up, doesnt it?


  interzone55 20:59 08 Mar 2007

Channel 5 has now joined the confessional bandwagon after admitting that winners of it's mid-programme brainteasers were made up & on one occassion a member of staff posed as a contestant. Now this case seems to be the worst of the lot.
I think we need to get CSI in to investigate. please text Yes to 80000 if you agree with me.

  interzone55 21:02 08 Mar 2007

Also, i've just read on The Register click here that Eckoh, the people who scammed gullible Richard & Judy viewers have also ripped off people who are too shy to speak to people they fancy, by charging them £1.50 to send Valentines MMS messages, then the number victims were supposed to call to get a refund was taken away and switched to a complaints line for X Factor victims.

If you wish to regsiter for a refund, please dial 0906 000 0000, all calls cost £1.50 a minute and will be handled by our Bangalore call centre

  Kate B 21:14 08 Mar 2007

Point of information - it wasn't a Channel 5 staffer who appeared on the programme, it was someone from the production company. Channel 5 didn't know about this deception.

The reason this kind of thing is happening is because TV stations need to generate more revenue - advertising has many more places to go than it used to, including non-terrestrial channels and of course the internet, and there isn't really enough advertising money to go around. If you're in favour of advertising on the BBC, think about this episode.

  interzone55 21:56 08 Mar 2007

"The reason this kind of thing is happening is because TV stations need to generate more revenue"
If it was the TV companies being dodgy, then I could understand that point, but it's the call handling companies acting this way, so it must be prompted by greed.

I apologise if I've wrongly implicated Channel 5 regarding the staff member, but that was my understanding from a BBC 6 o clock news item

  Kate B 22:01 08 Mar 2007

The TV channels get a slice of the revenue generated from call-in programmes.

  Stuartli 00:36 09 Mar 2007

>>that Eckoh, the people who scammed gullible Richard & Judy viewers >>

In fairness it must be pointed out that the company advised Channel 4 some months ago that the method of choosing successful contestants for the Richard and Judy Show was flawed.

The reason for the investigation, as a result, was because people were still being invited to phone in to take part AFTER the contestant or contestants had already been chosen.

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