TV Cooking

  Teaboy 18:32 13 Sep 2008

When O When are the TV programmers going to stop broadcasting so many cooking programmes? Day after day, in monotonous continuity, we are subjected to people who make a living boiling eggs, If its not one channel its one of the others, and often all together, I have a phobia about watching people eating on TV, which always follows the cooking, I positively hate it. So why do they do this to me? I'm an amiable chap. I go through life trying not to offend others. I do my best. But, to make celebrities of cooks takes the biscuit.

  bremner 18:34 13 Sep 2008

Why do you watch them then?

  crosstrainer 18:44 13 Sep 2008

Your TV has an off button :))

But in answer to your question, never....The programmes are cheap!

  WhiteTruckMan 18:47 13 Sep 2008

we have to pay the licence fee for the rubbish as well as the good stuff.


  ulrich 19:02 13 Sep 2008

I am sick to death of hearing this stupid phrase.
We have to pay for this rubbish.

Yes it's cheap if you can afford it.

Yes I do turn it off, I also stopped Sky, who write to me every week with special offers, and of course phone me up.

  Grey Goo 22:03 13 Sep 2008

You can always watch all the nice repeats of long dead actors on the other channels.

  peter99co 22:34 13 Sep 2008

If plans to split the licence fee among the other channels may shake things up a bit.

  cream. 22:51 13 Sep 2008

in this house ( house husband ).

I quite like most of them, especially Nigella.

Anyway one of my old mates has a show on BBC2 with the other hairy biker.

  interzone55 22:58 13 Sep 2008

I'm fairly sure that there are some channels that don't have cookery programs.

I don't recall seeing any on Five for instance, then there's Dave, I've never seen any on there. BBC & Sky News channels are fairly cookery free as well.

Or you could always turn the idiot lantern off and listen to the radio...

  jakimo 12:43 14 Sep 2008

"Teaboy & Biscuit" could it be you are subconsciously obsessed with food yourself

  spuds 13:14 14 Sep 2008

In a newspaper report and survey yesterday, it was discussing how much these TV chefs were involved in their own noted restaurants. In the main, it appears that TV chefs are to involved in TV appearances, book writing etc, than attending to customers in their own establishments.

Personally, I would like to see a food and preparation programme on the basics, including packaged chilled and frozen meals, which are often praised and recommended by TV chefs. Not sure about anyone else's experiences, but I often follow the rules on the box to the last dot, then find the end result appears to be slightly different to the pictures or descriptions provided.

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