TV is banal because the BBC is run by women,

  Forum Editor 16:57 08 May 2007

and there should be separate channels for men and women.

What do you think - has he finally lost the plot?

(no libel please, and no misogyny)

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  Kate B 17:04 08 May 2007

I saw that earlier and rolled my eyes. Old-fashioned misogyny at its ugliest.

  interzone55 17:05 08 May 2007

I'm waiting for Kate B's response to this with bated breath.

Patrick Moore is a very clever man, but he's an academic, and they've never been known for their tolerance of the fairer sex.

  MrNerdy 17:07 08 May 2007

The BBC has sadly been going down hill since Sky took over showing sport!

  interzone55 17:07 08 May 2007

I didn't have to wait long!

  MichelleC 17:09 08 May 2007

He's a poppet really, but he's never had enough time to tear himself away from the stars and have a relationship with a woman.

  Forum Editor 17:10 08 May 2007

He's also a bit of a dinosaur. The media have a habit of describing such people as eccentric, or "a much-loved character" when what they often mean is "irascible old fogey".

I respect Patrick Moore's TV record, and his obvious passion for astronomy, and of course he's entitled to an opinion, but he's completely out of touch with reality on this occasion, isn't he?

  Kate B 17:10 08 May 2007

Beat you to it! Glad I beat someone to something today - I suggested a blog post on the Guardian artsblog, only to be told that Zoe Williams had beaten me to it ... click here

  Forum Editor 17:11 08 May 2007


That's the word I was searching for.

He did have a long and devoted relationship with a woman - his mother. I believe they lived together until she died.

  Forum Editor 17:17 08 May 2007

"We might get the lion's share of the budget, but I think the intellectual heavyweights, with their stars and their brightly coloured snooker balls, can afford to be a bit magnanimous about this ..."

Love it, Zoe - absolutely love it. Comments like that renew my enthusiasm for reading blogs, which isn't something I usually place at the top of my 'To do' list (there we go - lists again).

  Kate B 17:18 08 May 2007

"Poppet" isn't quite the word I'd choose, as it's a) patronising and b) doesn't address the sheer outrageousness of his statement. Old age isn't an excuse for crassness.

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