TV Adverts for the Post Office.

  Pine Man 08:26 29 Oct 2007

Bit by bit the Post Office is closing down branches and yet it is spending a small fortune on prime time TV adverts extolling the virtues of their products and services using celebrities at considerable expense.

The branches that are due for closure, and there are thousands, must be well hacked off!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:30 29 Oct 2007

They need to get more business and advertising is the only way.


  newman35 09:49 29 Oct 2007

Yes, in our village the PO is under threat and it is like a kick in the teeth to have to watch these glossy ads. We should be talking about the small PO's as services to be nurtured, particularly with the impending growth in our elderly population.

  Pine Man 10:26 29 Oct 2007

So seeing Joan Collins and Wendy Richard using a Post Office is going to help the thousands of communities that have lost or will be losing their local post offices and all of those 'award winning' facilities that they provide?

  SB23 10:37 29 Oct 2007

I feel the same way as newman35.

As far as I'm aware, both my local Post Offices are due to be closed. If it does happen my local PO will then be 16 miles away, (not so local and friendly then!)

  Stuartli 10:43 29 Oct 2007

I'm well aware of the reasons for closing down so many post offices, so I'm setting a simple poser.

If the Conservative Party had undertaken such a move, the Labour Party would have been up in arms and demanding that all - or the majority of post offices - be kept open.

Yet although the Government is the main owner of the post offices, is closing many down and seems impervious to the reaction, there's been very little fuss by so-called Labour supporters.

By the way, such closures have been going on for several years; as I've mentioned before, one of the main reasons was to drastically reduce the number of violent and/or armed robberies at branches.

  newman35 11:01 29 Oct 2007

I understand your comments and can only suggest that the UK now has competing main political parties that are really the same (in all but name).
The loss of PO's has been ongoing, as you say, "Death by a thousand cuts" springs to mind.

  lisa02 16:11 29 Oct 2007

Post Offices...

I have access to at least 5 within a 10 minute walk, 2 of them are within 5 mins of me and a few mins walk of each other.

I used one last Thursday for the first time in months and months.

  Stuartli 16:18 29 Oct 2007

True to a large extent.

Imitation is the finest form of flattery was probably David Cameron's reaction and Blair was given the same accolade some 10 or 11 years ago...:-)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:50 29 Oct 2007

If people do not use post offices and they are unprofitable, they have to go...simple realistic sense.


  MrBen CI:-) 18:07 29 Oct 2007

Joan Collins in a Post Office.
Must be the first time she's been in one!
Does she not have lackies to do that sort of thing.

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