Turkey for Easter?

  MichelleC 09:42 04 Apr 2007


We're going to have something different. Goose is too fatty, pheasant is too gamey. Might try ostrich.

  anskyber 09:48 04 Apr 2007

Duck, try duck.

  Al94 10:45 04 Apr 2007

Can't beat a good steak IMHO

  Bingalau 11:31 04 Apr 2007

Maybe the Ostrich comes from Bernard Matthews farm too. I'm with A194 on this, or try a leg of lamb (Welsh of course).

  Sapins 11:32 04 Apr 2007

"Might try ostrich."

Blimey, you must have a big oven:-)

By the way a farmer has experimented crossing a turkey with a spider, so everyone gets a leg! When asked what they tasted like he said, I don't know we can't catch them.

  spuds 12:03 04 Apr 2007

Can you really believe what you read in newspapers nowadays. Over the weekend and yesterday, there appears to be conclusion that no further actions will be taken, due to insufficient evidence. The report in the above link seems to suggest that investigations are still ongoing, and further action is possible.

The newspapers also had full page spreads of a very sprightly 'younger' Bernard Matthews in a recent advertising campaign. This also as brought a lot of criticism from many sectors.

  Belatucadrus 12:29 04 Apr 2007

Go Duck, but you do need a rack to cook them on as unless you can get a barberry duck they're fatty.
Alternatively try getting free range turkey or chicken rather than those poor sodding things locked in a shed all day.

  wee eddie 13:20 04 Apr 2007

You keep the fat - great for roasting spuds in, among'st other things.

Because of the short cooking time of a Duck. Cut your potatoes (Spuds) smallish and boil them for about 15 - 20 minutes before putting them into the pan with the duck. Then roast as usual

  €dstowe 14:24 04 Apr 2007

Leg of local lamb with fresh mint sauce (made from mint overwintered in the greenhouse and forced into growth), Jersey Royal spuds, nice green cabbage and REAL gravy made from the scrapings in the roasting tin.

I'm not a pudding eater but a ginger and golden syrup sponge with English custard would be nice for afters.

A nice thin French style onion soup to start with.

(I'm entertaining the family this weekend).

  Bingalau 15:09 04 Apr 2007

Edstowe. Sounds great but I'm not coming unless I can have apple pie and cream....

  Jak_1 15:13 04 Apr 2007

How about a nice piece of venison, Hmmmmmmmm.

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