Tuition fee raise Passed!

  Uboat 17:47 09 Dec 2010

looks like its gone all out of control! i dont agree with that!

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  Forum Editor 19:09 09 Dec 2010

I'm not sure what that means.

What happened was that the government won the Commons vote on university fees - not by as great a margin as had been predicted, but they won.

Some might say that means it's all under control.

  john 52 19:56 09 Dec 2010

Just like the miners were under control and the devastation it brought to many communities who still have not recovered !

Do not complain in the future when our medical and dental students decide to leave the country and work overseas or just take private work on as they will have paid for there own education .

How many members of our coalition cabinet if they had been subjected to the same charges as today's university students would have paid for there own fees !they would have been paid by a family member and start working life with a clean slate !some students will not have family members in a position to pick up there fees for them

The important thing is the the LD made a pledge to students they should honour that pledge no matter what !how can you trust any future promise from them ! Nick Clegg has done untold damage to the LD

If the coalition government had been honest and raised the bar for entry into university so only the best students were admitted(whatever background they came from) instead of thinking that every student would benefit from a university education like the Labour government did ! costs could have been controlled .

But look on the bright side it has been mentioned before on here David Cameron was reported on a website allegedly saying that by increasing tuition fees should mean future rises in foreign students' charges can be kept lower

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  peter99co 20:05 09 Dec 2010

How many times does it have to be said that fees are NOT payable until earning of £21,000 and £9000 per year is a maximum not a target.

  robgf 20:08 09 Dec 2010

"Do not complain in the future when our medical and dental students decide to leave the country and work overseas or just take private work on as they will have paid for there own education".

They already take the training and run. You will be hard pressed to find a British doctor, or dentist in my area and NHS dentists have been like hens teeth for years.

As I understand it, students don't have to repay loans until their earnings hit £22,000+ and debts are written off after 30 years. So what are they whining about. If you qualify and get a well paid job, you repay your loan, if you don't do well, you never have to repay the loan.

  morddwyd 20:16 09 Dec 2010

Continuous full time education should be free from the age of five until graduation.

Anyone dropping out should be pursued for the money, because of the place they have denied somebody else, and any post grad degrees should be paid for by sponsorship, but I, as a taxpayer, should be prepared to pay for ensuring some continuity in the future of the country.

I did not go to university, nor did any of my family.

  jakimo 20:34 09 Dec 2010

While on the way to Royal Command Performance' at the Palladium.

Eye witness claimed the car window was smashed and a tin of paint was thrown

  Forum Editor 22:51 09 Dec 2010

who will decide not to go to university if the fees are too high, and they'll be saddled with debt when they leave.

When I hear this I wonder how many of the people who say it really have any idea about students, and how their minds work.

My experience of university students is that they are there to have a hell of a good time, live in an artificial world for three years, and come back totally unprepared for a working life. If you wandered into the average university bar at ten o'clock on a Friday night and shouted 'hands up everyone who gives a damn about tuition fee debt' you would be laughed out of the place.

The people who are 'demonstrating' against this legislation would demonstrate against all kinds of things if there was enough encouragement. It's not primarily about tuition fee debt, it's about being young and wanting a cause. There's nothing wrong with it at all, until a few nasty, shiftless individuals get involved, and it turns into a display of hatred against authority in general, and the Police in particular. It's all been done countless times before, and will no doubt be done again, when another excuse for a session or two of mindless thuggery comes along.

  spuds 22:56 09 Dec 2010

For many years there have been apprenticeship schemes that the trainee as earned a much reduced salary, mainly due to the fact that the employer wanted some returns for offering said apprenticeships.

Why should it be any different for university or college students, and they having the privilege of free education into perhaps maturity. The rules about paying for their extended education seem about right to me.

No doubt, this evening and many more evenings, many a students bar and its clientèle will be having a right old discussion about how the world is being very cruel and hard to them?.

  peter99co 23:09 09 Dec 2010

Many years ago a friend of mine earned 2/6 per hour in a tailors shop. He was a bit put out when a new lad started on 10 bob an hour. Why does he get that much he asked. He is not an apprentice the boss said.

  gardener 23:20 09 Dec 2010

Why stop at charging for further education? Let's saddle kids with a debt from primary school onwards.

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