Trying to find work in USA/Canada

  royalflush 11:52 05 Jun 2007

PCa been a hub of info & has such a wide scope of members i thought i would try and ask you all something,

i am in need of trying to find work in Usa or Canada but seem to be having bad luck,

i am looking for work in Hotels & ive got lots of experiance to go with it but although ive registered with various companies i seem to get little or no replies??

its not that i am thick i am very qualified in what i do.
can anyone suggest a company that specialises in this area please.

Also has anyone done a similar thing that could give me sound advice...

  Kate B 12:52 05 Jun 2007

First, what's your immigration status? There's no point even thinking about it if you don't have a working visa. Second, there are a million people on the spot in US and Canadian cities - being in the UK is not going to endear you to employers. Go there.

Third, I hope your spelling, grammar and punctuation is better on your applications than it is here - that's not a criticism, but here you don't use capitals and your sentences are very scrappy. With a zillion CVs landing on a desk, an employer is going to be looking for ways to reduce that pile: poor grammar etc is one very fast way to get your CV filed in the round one.

Sorry to sound harsh, but you have to be realistic about this. You are not going to get a job overseas from the UK.

  whatustaring@ 13:09 05 Jun 2007

theres nothing like giving someone a vote of confidence is there KateB lol

i think if imigration of where ever it is royalflush wants to go base there acceptances on peoples upper case & lower case typing then it is them also that need looking at,

furthermore this site might be useful to you

click here

  Kate B 13:35 05 Jun 2007

Yes, in an ideal world people would look beyond spelling and grammar to the individual, but sadly that doesn't happen. We can debate the morality of that if you like, but royalflush is after some practical advice, and getting the basics of written documents right is one of the most vital tips I can offer. I would bin a poorly presented CV without batting an eyelid, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. It's nothing to do with a vote of confidence or otherwise.

  Sic 14:00 05 Jun 2007

How old are you? Ther are various temporary work permits for students and young people, i worked in Canada for about 12 months on one when i was 20.

Secondly, if you are just trying to get a job over there with no work visa....don't bother, you will be kicked out and banned from future entry.

Thirdly, the services industry is very over subscribed in north america. The only people i know who have got work visas are in the specialised engineering fields and contaminated land industry.

  Bingalau 14:08 05 Jun 2007

Just an idea and may take you longer than you anticipated, but I am sure the American Armed Forces could well be short of people in the catering trades. Whist serving you would no doubt be able to get further qualifications and maybe American citizenship to go with it. Mind you they may also need you to pass an entrance exam. So take heed of Kate B's advice.

  Bingalau 14:09 05 Jun 2007

Also, I don't know if it still applies but at one time the Canadian Forces were the best paid in the World.

  wee eddie 14:17 05 Jun 2007

Any employer wishing to employ a non-native Canadian needs to prove that the necessary skills are not (readily) available in Canada.

  Brumas 14:18 05 Jun 2007

I agree with Kate B (I'm a poet and I didn't know it), prospective employers will obviously choose the best candidate for the position and can afford to 'sieve' all applications through a 'sieve' of their own choice - if that makes any sense?

  wee eddie 14:20 05 Jun 2007

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