Trust someone to go and spoil it!

  TOPCAT® 15:46 22 Dec 2006

Not to be viewed by the little ones if you want their wonderment of Christmas to remain. TC.

click here

  mammak 15:56 22 Dec 2006

lol my little one lost her wonderment a year or two ago and shes only nine,

but Mummy wishes there was that old fellow in red would have saved me a small fortune. :-)

  Apron 16:32 22 Dec 2006

Ah! but he forgot magic.

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:43 22 Dec 2006

One assumes, after reading the above link, that Santa's sleigh must be a modified supertanker.

  mole44 16:55 22 Dec 2006

a flying santa is real ask NORAD they track him every year.they track him every year you can folow his progress every christas eve on there site. santa and his sleigh have special permission to travel the world unheeded every year for present deliveries.

  josie mayhem 17:27 22 Dec 2006

I wonder where I can leave a TomTom for him, of cause I have the directions to my house tapped in first stop....

Seems that every year he seems to miss my house no matter how well I've behaved...

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:30 22 Dec 2006

I wouldn't want a sleigh that big landing on my roof!

  wolfie3000 20:59 22 Dec 2006

Santa IS real,
i saw him fly over blood gulch. :)

I aint kidding either, i was playing on halo as usual and one guy put in a mod and low and behold santa flew over blood gulch.

Just a shame someone shot him down with a rocket and when he crashed proceeded to fill him full of holes.

Im scarred for life now :(

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