A True Brit

  morddwyd 20:20 31 Oct 2010

We've brought him up right after all.

Rang my son in Australia this morning. He asked us to send him a jar of Marmite and some Kiwi shoe polish.

God's in His heaven, all's right with the world!

  natdoor 20:30 31 Oct 2010

In Australia, vegemite is available but is thicker in consistency and a little more bitter. Presumably he doesn't like it as much. I wouldn't venture out with a tin of Kiwi in Oz, given the antipathy beteween the nations!

  morddwyd 20:32 31 Oct 2010

Vegemite was mentioned, with mutual disgust!

  Forum Editor 22:44 31 Oct 2010

The last time I was in Australia I stayed with friends in Sydney. They are both from the UK originally, now Australian citizens. I like a bit of Marmite on my toast in the morning, and so does my friend.....or at least he did. Now, in the way that people sometimes do when they embrace something new in their lives, he's almost more Australian than the Australians, and he extolled the virtues of Vegemite. I went along with it, and had Vegemite on my toast for a couple of weeks.

When I got home I resumed the Marmite habit, and was shocked to discover that it tasted a bit odd. I actually went out and bought some Vegemite. It took a while, but I'm pleased to report that I successfully weaned myself off Vegemite, and am happily spreading the Marmite again.

Tell your son that he'll find Marmite in some supermarkets in Australia, but it won't be called Marmite. It will have the same look jar and label, but will be called 'Our Mate'. Reassure him that it's the real thing, and not to be confused by a product called Marmite. That's a local brand, and is not the real thing at all.

  sunnystaines 07:05 01 Nov 2010

what do aussie's clean their shoes with? if no kiwi polish. or does the hot climate means they wear sandels all the time.

  Forum Editor 18:22 01 Nov 2010

It's not always good weather in Australia - Sydney gets 50% more rainfall than London.

Mind you, I know where I would rather be in winter, and it isn't London.

  egapup 18:55 01 Nov 2010

Dont think your allowed to import food stuff into Australia.

  flycatcher1 19:13 01 Nov 2010

Last time I was in Sydney it snowed!
Happy Days.

  Forum Editor 19:26 01 Nov 2010

That would have been in 2008, and it wasn't snow, it was 'graupel'.

Graupel is a kind of light, soft hail,it's definitely not snow, although I doubt if the Sydneysiders cared - too busy having fun.

The temperature needs to be as low as 2 degrees centigrade to make snow, and apparently that day it didn't get that low.

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