Troops cash award

  Jak_1 00:51 13 Oct 2006

As has been recently in the news, our lads out in Iraq are to recieve a tax free cash award. Not before time in my humble opinion, I was there during the first Gulf war. They do a difficult job under dangerous circumstances for a below national average pay scale!
I know that they signed the line to do just that sort of thing but, they are hardly paid a Kings Ransom for what they do. A civillian under the same circumstances could expect 3- 4 times the troops rate of pay tax free and our troops pay tax! They work long hours in arduous conditions for long periods of time with little thanks.
Would like your thoughts on this one.

  Totally-braindead 01:10 13 Oct 2006

I personally think they deserve the money but I'm sure there will be quite a few comments about it both from people who served before in other conflicts and were given nothing and from some who will see an ulterior motive in doing this.
My nephew served in Iraq twice and Bosnia and Afganistan and he didn't get anything.
I haven't seen the full description of what they are to get but I presume its not backdated to those that have already served.

  STREETWORK 07:12 13 Oct 2006

I served in the Army and when sent into active service in another country usually ended up worse off. In Germany we used to get an allowance of say £5 per day, but if sent from Germany to NI or FI or another place lost this allowance.

This changed through media pressure, as this will now...

  octal 07:13 13 Oct 2006

Hear hear, we seem to do very little to actually support our troops either. I've just come back from the states and I'm always surprised the number of companies who openly support their troops even to the extent of sending supplies to them, one example is Starbucks, even if they don't support the war, which a lot of them don't they still support their troops. It's a pity a few more corporations over here don't do the same, they don't have to support the war but there's no harm in giving support to the guys out there, afterall it's not their fault.

  egapup 08:30 13 Oct 2006

It doesnt a matter if the troops support the war or not, they go where they are sent and do what theyre told, they deserve all our support and earn every penny they get.

  Cymro. 08:36 13 Oct 2006

I don`t see how anyone can possibly be against the troops who are out in Iraq getting this extra money. I wonder if the once in Afghanistan will also get it?
I think all military personnel who are on active duty wherever in the world should get extra money. It makes no difference that others in the past did not get anything. Two wrongs do not make a right.

  def90csw 10:08 13 Oct 2006

The extra mony will go someway to show the they are doing a fine job in bloody tough conditions.

  def90csw 10:09 13 Oct 2006

In the army you get extra pay for more skills like for being a parachute, or a SF soldier, only right they now get this tax perk.

  johndrew 11:23 13 Oct 2006

I hope I`m wrong, but I can see some ways that the money men will get around paying this. For example the rule appears to be a minimum of six months - could tours be reduced to, say, five months to inhibit payment?

There may be other get outs as well, such as wounded being repatriated before the six months is up.

I guess I have no faith in those who control such payments!!!!!!!!!!!!

  spuds 11:25 13 Oct 2006

When you sign up for the armed forces, you sign the dotted line because you know what your entitlements and commitments are, or at least you should do.

Nowadays it seems as though people expect or perhaps demand a bonus system or special privileges, for a task that they were originally willing to do. War's and conflicts have been around since the creation of man or creature, and while this will never go away, things have improved on the battle front. As a matter of reference, how many people died on a daily basis in the two World War's, and how many die on a daily basis, in today's modern armed forces.

Not being flippant or non-concerned, but just being logical.

  Bingalau 12:08 13 Oct 2006

I spent about 15 years of my 23 service abroad, one thing that really got up my nose was that the "Dockyard Maties" did not pay income tax whilst living abroad. But Tommy Atkins; Jack Tar and the Brillcream Boys did. I don't want paying for it now, but I have done my fair share of grumbling about it to anyone who would listen. I sincerely hope that maybe my moaning has contributed to our lads getting a better deal. Of course they deserve it and a lot more besides. ..Bingalau..

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