Trolly full of shopping.......self checkout and...

  jack 17:31 04 Oct 2010

The damned machine cancelled all attempts to use both debit and credit card- and only a tenner in my wallet oooher!
The supervisor tried and tried.
But the machine simmply took forever to process and when it eventually asked for PIN- simply came up- Transaction cancelled.
I went to the ATM and there obtained cash no problem- so what happened there I wonder.
A phone call to my bank established that there is nothing wrong with my accounts and as far as they could tell the systems is working fine.

  spuds 17:55 04 Oct 2010

Smudges, grease on the card plus dodgy contact on the checkout machine?.

I once used one of my cards with no problems at two stores, then at the third place the card started playing up. Pretty young checkout girl put the card in a poly-bag, swiped the card, and all was well.

Great thing is modern technology!.

  Armchair 17:56 04 Oct 2010

Did they not cancel the transaction, and try to process it on a different checkout?

  Forum Editor 18:04 04 Oct 2010

but it's quite possible for a card terminal to develop an intermittent fault - it doesn't happen too often, but it definitely happens. I had an ongoing relationship with one particular ATM at a Shell station. It used to accept my card or not, quite randomly. I mentioned it to the staff on the till - they all know me, as it's my regular filling station, but nobody else had reported any problems.

Then my card expired, and the new one worked perfectly. I put it down to wear on the data strip - the card is used a great deal, and it was more than two years old.

  wiz-king 19:37 04 Oct 2010

click here of tills not working for a few hours.

  Snec 19:58 04 Oct 2010

When my wife became poorly, a while ago now, I had to do the shopping. Once. Never Again.

Jeez, you need some patience for that.

Then I got to the checkout, like the OP the self service one which I thought would be quicker would not work so I joined the queue, another bad move, I should have just abandoned the trolley there and then. Next I found you need to be an athlete to keep up with the way these till operatives throw your stuff about then keep reating "put your PIN number in" when you're still trying to organise the packing of the trolley.

I refuse to enter one of these places ever again. The wife is OK now so she sometimes goes but mainly we shop online now and have it delivered. It is well worth the small delivery charge.

  Strawballs 20:05 04 Oct 2010

There seem to be a problem over theb weekend with card transactions, I went int Argos with my folding readies in my hand and joined a very big queue untill they announced that all card transactions were not working and the queue suddenly shrunk and someone else said they seem to be having the same problem in Morrisons, this was Sat afternoon. The next problem they had was change as everybody was going to cashpoint and coming back with notes

  jack 20:24 04 Oct 2010

future is just around the corner
I guess it will still be prudent to keep a few stuffed socks under the mattress

  jack 20:26 04 Oct 2010

but not both surely- I dont put kebabs in the sae pocked as my wallet.
And it worked OK at the ATM.

Duff machine then

  interzone55 09:10 05 Oct 2010

undoubtedly a faulty card reader.

When chip & pin first came in these machines had to be manufactured in huge quantities, so they weren't put together with the greatest of care, and now many of them are failing.

On a related note, and linked to my post on the pier thread, I've noticed that many retailers in Morecambe still haven't switched to Chip & Pin...

  interzone55 11:09 05 Oct 2010

That's very true...

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