Trolley Buses? The green answer to the tram!

  peter99co 23:24 17 Jul 2008

Do you remember these buses? The green answer to the Tram (which many cities think is the way to go.) Give me the Trolley every time. They do NOT require all these tracks that must cost a fortune to install.

Our city ripped then up years ago and have now thought they should put them back to appear to be forward thinking.

click here
Part of the item covers a specialist on electric motors
He is working on versions for Trolley Buses and London cabs. Does he know somewhere that is thinking of having Trolleys back as a green transport answer?

  dagbladet 23:40 17 Jul 2008

"Do you remember these buses? "

No. I assumed you meant a tram, which having read your piece you obviously didn't. So, what are they?

  peter99co 23:45 17 Jul 2008

A trolley bus is a double deck bus which has electric motors and has an overhead wire like a tram but runs on rubber tyres any where the wires have been installed. The cities ripped up the tram tracks and ran Trolleys in their place.
The new idea seems to be have trams?

  Al94 23:53 17 Jul 2008

click here I remember them in Belfast before "the troubles" which contributed to their demise as they couldn't be re routed when there was street violence or barricades etc.

  [email protected] 00:05 18 Jul 2008

Trolley buses have a huge advantage over trams.You dont have to dig up the roads- only install overhead cables. As they are not on rails the bus can be pushed/towed out of the way if a breakdown occurs.

  Quickbeam 00:58 18 Jul 2008

I remember as a boy that sometimes the driver forgot he was supposed to stay under the wires... leaving the trolley bus stranded without power:)

  Forum Editor 08:15 18 Jul 2008

would be that our streets would be festooned with cables. The power feed cable has to be suspended over the road with catenary wires running from the sides of buildings, or from steel lampost-type columns.

Tram lines are less intrusive.

  laurie53 08:34 18 Jul 2008

Widely used in the fifties. Only slightly less inflexible than trams, and I don't really see how they are greener than trams.

  interzone55 08:37 18 Jul 2008

I would think that the rubber tyres would cause more friction than steel wheels on steel rails, so trolley buses would take more power to push along

  Weskit 08:37 18 Jul 2008

Don't trams also use overhead power lines?

  lofty29 08:57 18 Jul 2008

Where I lived as a kid, we had both trolley buses, and trams, they both used overhead power wires. The trolleys were more flexible since they could pull into the side of the road at bus stops, whereas the trams ran down the middle of the road and passengers had to go out into the road to board. The track could be a hazzard for bicycle wheels to get caught in, but I used to love the yong-yong sound they made as they went along, mind you I used to love the smell and sound of the old steam trains, used to stand on the local bridge when a "kettle" was coming through underneath, just shows what a nutcase I was and still am.

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