Trident: Is it really worth it?

  Phphred 10:06 01 Apr 2007

Why are we going to spend Billions on an Enemy without, when we all know that the enemy is within?

Trident is a weapon that will mean Armageddon, so why build it? The money could be better spent making Britain into a “First Class Police State” where we have not even a vestige of free speech, even worse than now. We are now obviously a pariah in the world and are going to have no support from the members of the EU as they have, as has everyone else, too much self interest and will risk nothing when the chips are down. Why do we remain in the EU paying millions every week? The united Nations is too slow and lumbering and takes too long to come to any sort of decision and after America and Britain took no notice of the UN and made war on Iraq, who can blame them for turning “help” down when we were supposed to be doing their job! The whole lot smells to me and so let us look inwards for a while and sort our own country out first and perhaps become an island Switzerland and in future just mind our own business and not cow tow to every foreigner that wants to live here.
Rant over!

  anskyber 10:27 01 Apr 2007

Looks like you should join these folks if you are not with them already. click here

It's quite difficult, even inpossible to debate your topic with your extremist views.

  hzhzhzhz 10:32 01 Apr 2007

Seems to me that anyone who speaks a grain of truth these days is branded as an extremist. That is a dangerous situation to be in.

  anskyber 10:41 01 Apr 2007

The TO has said this about Tony Blair.

"He just happens to be the idiot who got us all into this mess, with his lies to everyone and if you really want to know I think that he should have been Hanged instead of President Saddam."

If he genuinely believes it I think it's an extremists view. If you do not then perhaps you should stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself some serious questions.

  Phphred 10:45 01 Apr 2007

What serious questions would they be anskyber?

  anskyber 10:49 01 Apr 2007

Reasonableness, thoughtfulness, the list goes on. If you really think Tony Blair should be hanged then with the greatest of respect I think you need help.

  Cymro. 10:54 01 Apr 2007

The best thing to do with this posting is to consider it an April Full thing.

But it will probably run and run as such things do.

  Phphred 10:59 01 Apr 2007

What does the TO acronym mean anskyber?

  anskyber 11:02 01 Apr 2007

Thread Originator.

  Phphred 11:05 01 Apr 2007

There is alot of both reasonableness and thoughtfulness, so carry on with the list or make some usefull commeents

  Phphred 11:07 01 Apr 2007

Thank you for TO

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