tree stumps

  sunnystaines 09:12 07 May 2013

after cutting down a tree what is the best thing to paint over the stump to prevent future re growth?

i was thinking of weed killer or creosole, have been told to try bleach.

any advice please.

  Aitchbee 09:18 07 May 2013

My neighbour constructed a square concrete casing around and over a small tree stump in his garden near his house ... it's now painted white and used as a seat or table.

  hastelloy 09:40 07 May 2013

Drill vertical holes as deep as you can and pour in copper sulphate solution. If you can't get copper sulphate, there are brands available like round-up. Be aware of the children/pet warning.

  Chronos the 2nd 09:42 07 May 2013

Get some sticks of dynamite a blow the thing up. LOL. Saw that on TV the other day. I expect it is quite impractical but what fun if you could.

  Chronos the 2nd 09:43 07 May 2013

a = and

  john bunyan 09:51 07 May 2013

Hire a man with a stump grinder or a digger to drag out the whole root. Well worth it.

  spuds 10:36 07 May 2013

Removing tree stumps is a very sore point with me at present. I have a problem with the local council and one of their tenant's regarding a series of tree's placed alongside a fence that I have on a property I own. The tree's have caused damage to my property and fencing.

Due to the practices undertaken, the tree's were removed (cut down) from ground level, and it was promised that some form of chemicals would be used to kill the roots, due to the difficulty in 'digging out'. Now it would seem, the council are taking no further action, because on the advice of their Parks Department, "the roots would die naturally and cause no further harm".

It was also mentioned that using chemicals "might or will" damage other 'plant life' in the area, and this apparently is not acceptable to damage growing items?.

Once again, its battle stations between the council and myself, and a situation I could do well without.

Regarding getting a professional firm with a stump grinder, then in most cases they only grind to surface level, and the tree stump remains stay intact and at ground or slightly below ground level. Unless the stump is higher, and you decide to make the remains into a table/seat or such like, as Aitchbee neighbour as done!.

  Pine Man 10:40 07 May 2013

You can hire stump grinders from tool hire companies. I have done this and ground the stumps to about 12 inches below ground level quite easily.

  woodchip 10:59 07 May 2013

Holes in it at the top then some Diesel in it. That kills the roots

  Bing.alau 11:04 07 May 2013

Be careful if drilling holes and filling with chemicals. I breathed in some of the fumes whilst doing that to a tree stump many years ago. The effect was loss of memory for a few hours afterwards. Very scary for my family but I was just away in the clouds somewhere. Good job my daughter got a doctor to me pretty quickly. So my advice is wear a gas mask if that is your chosen method.

  Woolwell 11:11 07 May 2013

woodchip - Diesel can contaminate the ground and is best avoided.

sunnystaines - An arborist recommended Vitax SBK to me (especially when dealing with ash saplings). It's main ingredients are Triclopyrtriethylamine salt and Triethylamine. But you have missed the best time which autumn/winter.

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