interzone55 14:12 26 Apr 2009

Following on from rdave13's fascinating Fray Bentos thread I thought I'd chip in with this link

click here

A tale of one girl's travels around Chernobyl. Not exactly the neatest site, but a truly amazing tale with some amazing images...

  Al94 18:25 26 Apr 2009


  perpetual motion 08:50 27 Apr 2009

alan14 i stumbled upon this link about two years ago!
there is some VERY chilling photos like A194 stated!

its good we dont just forget what happened & the realities of that day that STILL affect us today!

The contamination is still airborne!

  perpetual motion 08:54 27 Apr 2009

Here's a decent link of photos!

click here

  interzone55 09:05 27 Apr 2009

Thanks for your link, I'll have a good look at that site tonight...

  rdave13 09:45 27 Apr 2009

I was working in a nuclear power station at the time and remember being monitored going IN to work. The disaster has left a terrible legacy.

  jack 15:03 27 Apr 2009

I had a print and graphics company.
One contract was to prepare the corporate ID for a specialist construction company.
At the time they were working on 'Clean Room installations on the Dungeness 'B' site then under construction.
They wanted photo's of their work on the site so I had to go through all sorts of hoops to get the appropriate permissions.
Came the day we travelled to the site and I was all apprehension and wonderment at the thought of seeing all this 'Technology'
So was I taken through in to main building through many curtains of heavy polythene screens to to 'Clean Room under construction.
What did I see?
A gang of large chaps from the Emerald Isle,
Acres of 4x3 studding
Sheets and sheets of aluminium lined Plasterboard.
Loads of sticky joint tape. and lots of Vent Axia fans to maintain a positive pressure inside.
What a let down.

  Forum Editor 18:25 27 Apr 2009

That joint tape was state-of-the-art when it was first introduced.

  perpetual motion 00:23 28 Apr 2009

Can anyone answer me this please?

Here we have a photo of Chernobyl & im trying to understand what this readin means in terms of strengh of the contamination? what is a SAFE limit & is the figure shown here Bad/Very Bad or Terrible.?

click here

  perpetual motion 00:32 28 Apr 2009

Also id LOVE to know what this says on the banner there holding.?
Can anyone translate this please.?

click here

  perpetual motion 00:51 28 Apr 2009

A VERY worrying video here, 23 years ago & STILL "77" times radiation than is safe still exsist in the town of Prypiat

click here

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