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  Bingalau 12:03 16 Jan 2012

I am thinking of travelling to Alderney in the Channel Islands. Can anyone reccommend the best/cheapest/fastest or alternative ways of getting there from the Liverpool area please? I know we have much travelled business types who use this site and thought I would tap in to their experience. I think I may be able to fly from somewhere on the south coast, maybe Southhampton or Plymouth, but all the travel sites I look at take an age to get around to the nitty gritty.

  Woolwell 12:45 16 Jan 2012

Definitely not Plymouth as the airport is closed.

Southampton seems to be the best option to fly to Alderney Visit Alderney travel

  interzone55 14:22 16 Jan 2012

Definitely the puddle jumper from Southampton, or go for a two centre trip and fly from Jersey or Guernsey.

  Bingalau 14:30 16 Jan 2012

Thanks Woolwell. I didn't know Plymouth was closed. Is that permanent? It would have been easier to drive down to Plymouth than to Southampton. Thanks for the help. I was hoping there was an easier way, by maybe going from an airport in the midlands but there's nowt from Liverpool area unless someone knows better.

It's usually afterwards that somebody says "Why didn't you go via so snd so".

  Woolwell 14:51 16 Jan 2012

Plymouth is permanently closed. They couldn't make it pay. There is an action group to get it open again but already part has been sold off for housing and I expect the rest to follow eventually.

Flying to Alderney is the difficult bit. You should be able to fly from Manchester to Guernsey change airline and then hop across to Alderney or go ferry Guernsey to Alderney. You can also get to Guernsey or Jersey from Birmingham.

  chub_tor 15:44 16 Jan 2012

You can fly from Bristol to Jersey and Guernsey and Bristol is a nice airport with cheapish car parking.

  john bunyan 15:59 16 Jan 2012

Bingalau. You could fly from Manchester to Southampton with Flybe and change there for Alderney.

  john bunyan 16:03 16 Jan 2012

See here for somewhat restricted flights to Alderney with Aurigny.

  Condom 19:38 16 Jan 2012

If you want cheap then you could try a pair of flippers and goggles and start at the Mersey, turning startboard or is that port at its mouth and just keep going. Get someone to sponser you and do some good for the country at the same time. Added bonus no customs so you could sneak all your extra lucre into the Tax haven.

  Noldi 21:30 16 Jan 2012

the way i do this sort of thing is go to your destination airport webb site, have a look at the flight information section and see where the flights are coming in from.


  Woolwell 21:45 16 Jan 2012

Condon - turn to port unless you want to go around Scotland.

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