Travel insurance again

  exdragon 08:29 03 Nov 2010

I know I've posted a question about travel insurane previously, but where on earth do people over 65, and who go abroad for months at a time, find their travel insurance?

Our trip to Australia & New Zealand has now been extended to two months: an annual policy is better value than a single, but the vast majority of trips are limited to 45 days max. Factor in the ages (66 and 75) and its like looking for a needle in a haystack!

Any personal recommendations (rather than just the comparison sites, from where I've picked out companies I've heard of and discounted the ridiculously cheap or expensive options)

  Quickbeam 08:32 03 Nov 2010

A lot of them don't... more beer money without.

  jack 09:22 03 Nov 2010

I used to be bugged by my bank begging me to take up their 'Privilege' accounts for a monthly fee, it included a whole range of inclusive 'freebies'
including travel insurance, that I did not need
So in those days it was of no advantage, and I declined,
However I started to travel , cruises and the like when my other half passed away[could never get her to leave the country during our 50+ years together]
A search round for suitable insurance was proving to be a bit of a headache, untill one day I walked into my local branch- to check out their insurance services- and the lady duly went through the routines and came up with silly figures, then she said hang on - what about the Privilege accounts- and sure enough- the annual cost of membership was not only cheaper than a one trip policy but also included car breakdowns, and all sorts of other goodies-
So take a look see at your bank.

  exdragon 09:42 03 Nov 2010

Just tried them, age limit and no. of days don't fit. Others won't cover for Singapore & Hong Kong if you leave the airport (we're having a one night stop over each way)

On with the search (just had one quote for £501...)

  Woolwell 10:07 03 Nov 2010

I cannot give a personal recommendation as I have travel insurance elsewhere but this company seems to offer deals for the over 65's ttp://click here

  hssutton 10:13 03 Nov 2010

Aged 75 is not much of a problem with Natwest Advantage gold, although the amount of days allowed is.

Not sure if it's possible to negotiate an extension. I now pay £50 per annum and after discussions with Natwest insurance this also covers my 42 year old severely disabled daughter.

  Bingalau 10:24 03 Nov 2010

I had a bank account which covered travel insurance and AA membership, however it was a few months after I reached the age of eighty that I found it no longer applied. (Is that ageism? Can I sue them etc?) Since then I have searched various sites all to no avail. So I am hoping someone on here can come up with something too. I know we have been through this before but nothing promising came up on that thread.

Now if I want to go and visit my friends in Germany or Spain it costs an arm and a leg. I suspect a lot of older people either don't take out travel insurance and just chance it, or they don't travel. In my case I stick to this country until someone comes up with an answer.

Otherwise it's a case of Mohamed coming to the mountain.

  Bingalau 10:26 03 Nov 2010

fourm member, I will bookmark your suggested site for perusal later today. Thanks.

  exdragon 10:46 03 Nov 2010

hssutton - tried them, see my post of 09.42.

fourm member - age limit of 64

Woolwell - tried them, can't remember what the problem was, but I've deleted them from my list!

  Woolwell 11:25 03 Nov 2010

Staysure click here or Insurance Choice click here or Saga click here or AXA click here

  jack 13:17 03 Nov 2010

for European travel?
click here

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