Transport for london metorpolitan line excuse

  finerty 17:10 28 Apr 2012

Minor delays are occurring between Harrow-on-the-Hill and Uxbridge due to non-availability of staff.

TFL excuse

  Aitchbee 17:48 28 Apr 2012

I hope the delays don't go from minor to major...'cos I would cry a little.

  Forum Editor 18:01 28 Apr 2012

This kind of thing happens from time to time - what's your point?

  wiz-king 18:35 28 Apr 2012

Perhaps they are getting in an early holiday so that they can get more money for working in July/August.

  Forum Editor 18:49 28 Apr 2012


They'll get more money anyway - lots of it if they work hard. A senior ASLEF official said that “If a driver worked all the opening ceremony, all the longer weekend shifts and late nights then they could earn an extra £6,200.”

That's on top of the £46,000 a year they get already. These people have London by the throat, and they're exploiting it as much as they can. They'll get £1000 'bonus' just for turning up for work. It's a disgrace, but there's nothing we can do about it if we want to continue to get around our city during the Olympics. The public-spirited drivers were threatening strike action unless they were bribed to work.

  Aitchbee 19:07 28 Apr 2012

My brother, who is a London Black Cab taxi driver (and all of the other taxi drivers in the London metropolis) will enjoy the influx of the thousands of Olympic visitors.

  john bunyan 19:34 28 Apr 2012

Perhaps they should use the same drivers as the Docklands Light Railway.

  finerty 09:54 29 Apr 2012

my point is FE this the newest excuse i have seen ever. Through out my years i have never seen them come up this type of excuse until yesteerday, due to staff shortages.

  Forum Editor 10:51 29 Apr 2012

"my point is FE this the newest excuse i have seen ever."

It may be new to you, but it certainly isn't new to TFL - staff shortages are a not uncommon problem for them. Bear in mind that staff shortages can involve all parts of the system, not just train drivers and station staff.

  Forum Editor 10:52 29 Apr 2012


Stop encouraging him - he's on thin ice as it is.

  daz60 15:56 29 Apr 2012

As a night bus driver in London i hear fairly regularly the call,early morning, that a tube station is closed because of staff shortages.

It would not surprise me if one or two individuals just cannot be bothered to show up for work knowing full well that if disciplinary action is taken then the call to strike rears up.

No politician has the guts to challenge them that is the main reason they hold London to ransom.

As a workforce who are essential to the running of London they should be barred from striking,and if they do strike then the Government should proclaim free travel on the other networks with a punitive daily fine,in compensation,to be paid by the union.

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