Transparency or Intrusion

  daz60 11:40 10 Apr 2012

This article suggests that every individuals tax status and returns should be publicly available for scrutiny, is this a desirable policy or a reaction to CEO's payment schemes or an attempt to prevent tax avoidance.

Would you favour a policy of openness or do you feel that what you earn is a private matter between yourself and your employer/accountant.

public or private

  Quickbeam 11:56 10 Apr 2012

It's not in the public interest what we earn unless we're hugely powerful captains of industry, banking etc.

What would be the point of trawling through countless webpages of info to know how much Mr Suburbiansemi next door earns other than extremely invasive nosey parkerism?

  daz60 16:39 10 Apr 2012

I find it amazing that someone would knowingly wish to divulge their tax status in the expectation that somehow they would not be open to some form of criticism. Frankly the idea that a politician believes that 'honesty is the best policy' is risible,it goes against tradition as any honest history would show.

I think she is playing devils advocate and yes every one wishes to "minimise their tax bill" but those on PAYE are not subject to such possibilities.Tax avoidance is a known issue that could easily be resolved by closing the loopholes in the legislation that allows accountants to play 'fast and easy' with the law.

An ill thought knee jerk reaction by the so called Mayoral candidates is no proper means by which to formulate policy.

I had thought that the Conservatives where about less government interference but i guess that there is no such thing called Conservative any more.

"nosey parkerism"...

well Pandora's Box,otherwise known as the expenses scandal,has led them to consider the value of equality,ie the public right to know what they earn and now they say the public should have the right to know what everyone earns.

The politics of envy as public policy.

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